Monday, January 25, 2016

Fabulous weekend

A Fabulous weekend

Excuse punctuation ( or lack of it.. On an iPad vs a computer )

There was something really really good about this weekend. If i was a drama queen i would call it magical even. And best part about it .? It was fairly ordinary. I think it was the fact it was longer .. Also had some kids parts and some couple parts ( my recently divorced friend has been telling me lately that this part of divorce is the good part)
Longer weekends always follow the same pattern for me : i am always a little hesitant friday night of the weekend ahead and wonder if i will enjoy it and be able to relax? By Saturday afternoon i am fully convinced and by sunday night I never want to return home.

Same goes for work. Monday mornings i feel fear and then i learn to love it all again by tuesday afternoon. I guess i don't do well with transitions. I am lucky that i adore my work so much but also being away from work .

What made this weekend wonderful?

- fairly last minute we decided to extend it and take a half day friday off and half day monday without the kids. Having a son drive and two flexible schedules rocks in this way

-the time with the kids we appreciated  so much as seems to seldom lately . Sadly Bear was on a ski trip but the other two were lots of fun and a rare and great dynamic the two of them together

- being outside : walking on the lake , making a path on the lake with the 4by 4 , skating in the forest, walking at night in the dark on the lake before bed, outside amazing jacuzzis . I seriously love cottage winter life . Almost as much as cottage summer life

-loving the crisp pink cheeks get in winter. Makes us all feel alive

- so happy for Beauty she has found a new gang at the mountain since leaving ski competition team . They all went for a spaghetti dinner at the hill saturday night and night skating in the forests . The girl attracts friends so so easily . I am so happy for her . She met both the girls last week for the first time and there she was hugging them with dear life when she said goodbye

- happy chase still trusts me . There was an incident that worried me this weekend with a group of friends and i tried to check his texts after he went to bed . He caught me and confronted me. It taught me a lot about my son and myself . It was hard :( i love the way at the end after some very hard talks that he climbed in my lap and said" i love you mama". He is 18 now . I need to stop my quarterly audits i am thinking

- cuddling with hubby on the couch . We have our  shows and our movies and cuddles on the couch piled in blankets . We have our cottage routines and we love them

- finishing season two of homeland . Love that we have a show again

- watched two really great movies . When chase's plans got canceled last minute saturday night he joined us for movie ( willingly! ) that was fun

- beauty's shy smile this weekend as she danced hip hop for us. Something about that smile struck me and made her so precious. She glowed

- watching a movie with beauty on the couch in front of the fire under lots of blankets . Felt so close and connected

- chase and his new haircut. What a shocking handsome guy . All new clothes and style too . Wow

- bears recount of jay peak and how much he loved his time there . Miss him!

- the food as always and eating it around the counter ( french onion soup . The yummy homemade Cesar salad, pork roast with grilled garlic and all dressed baked potatoes, spinach feta tangerine salad, spaghetti by the fire, homemade lemon meringue pie, red velvet cream cheese cookies

-staying up late at 1am and hubby and i lovingly making lunches for the kids who are up at 6:30am for their jobs at the mountain

- reading a great book

-planning some great dates with friends ( cant wait until friday !!!! )

- fleece sheets ( seriously how did i not know about this all my life ?? )

- sleeping in late late on sunday morning . Love love sleeping in

- dads and daughters taking 4 by 4 to tim Hortons and daughter actually driving . Daughter buying dad breakfast ! Chase stopping in as was getting gas near by . Mommy getting a massage at an auberge

- last but not least . Taking a break from my phone . I always do on weekends but this was longer as had two half days extra . I need it . Sprint . Recovery . Sprint . Recovery . Sprint . The phone reminds me of the week ... And i need  to indulge in the precious weekend . On weekends and vacations we both use hubby's phone to be in touch with the kids and mom and friends and stuff . It works

I am loving the flexibility of schedule . Scared of course that this will lead us to have to sell some stuff as taking too many days ! But that is besides the point . I am working my ass off and also living my ass of too .
And this is when i am most happiest
Work hard/ Play hard seems to have been invented for me

I love love love love cottage life!!!