Thursday, January 28, 2016


I am not sure I would ever describe myself a passionate person.

Funny, because many people I know [personally and professionally)would describe me that way. But it’s not the way I would describe myself at all. If anything I would say that I lack passion in many areas and it has affected my life in many ways in not so great ways. I have always envied people who are very passionate. And is something I have coveted for myself.

I have lacked interest in hobbies for the most part; I am not attached to a particular sport or activity. I do a lot and try a lot but the only thing I seem to be hooked on are reading and beaches? I have always wished that innately I would enjoy baking a banana loaf on a Sunday morning or feel inclined to plants some petunias in our beautiful yard on a lovely Spring day. Nope. Nada.

Even physically I always had to grow into hugging people and often I feel so tired  or irritable most the day and night I find it a chore to roll over and give a massage or a lingering kiss (omg I am so so so boring!)

Then things I grow to love ,like waterskiing and wakeboarding that I learnt as an adult-I fall ,and have an accident within two years and end that blooming passion. I kinda have a passion for eating certain things (curried checked, pasta, French baguette, cupcakes?) but they are all starchy and can make me gain weight and I don’t like to cook any of them but lie on the couch reading while someone else does. Is that a passion?

Friendships and Family are a passion on many levels, but even with that there are issues. I get annoyed with many often who are passionate about something  for no apparent reason (or big apparent reasons!) and when someone around me expresses too much passion I tend to run away and hide. I am a basket case eh? Too much passion scares me. And annoys me too if I am honest.
Professionally I am definately more passionate, but not half as passionate as I come across as. In the past I was totally passionate about having a cozy well paying, power status position Passionate about how good at my job I was, as has always been very easy for me to master things that involve brain power, determination, obstacles and problem solving. I was passionate about keeping those careers, and flexible schedules, or having a team, or delivering really well, of making an impression, of being really good at what I did, of being social and surrounded by many brilliant people daily, or getting work done through others and winning some great awards.

But in bed at night did I dream of waking up the next morning and doing it all over again (and again and again?) Was I passionate as many of my colleagues were of making a difference in a client’s lives that would transform them? Did it ever really transform them? Or were they part of the next round of layoffs or fall of their high horse as soon as made an error at the risk of innovation?  Is working in a huge company making a difference in the lives of people generally? You tell me.
I loved each and every day of my corporate career truly. I really did. Most people that knew me would say that I was passionate. The ones who knew me really really well knew there was more passion for me to be discovered professionally in other ways.

As of last weekend –things have changed. Professionally that is. I am declaring myself passionate. OMG! I am PASSIONATE people. Each day is different, each day is fulfilling, every day I wake up and am surprisingly so excited about what the day brings. Each day is diverse, I feel I am making a difference, each day I feel pride of what I have built and seem to be sustaining, and each day has a different flavor. And the flavor belongs to ME. It is MINE. I have brains and street smarts and I am putting them to use in exactly the way I see fit. I wake up and am excited and driven to get on my email to see what awaits me. Will this passion last? Can it stay? Is it possible?????

And the answer is: I truly don’t know. I am a master of practicality, good decisions and efficiency. Also we need money to sustain our life style that is for sure. And one thing I am very passionate is my lifestyle (aka our cottage) to have this we need to achieve a certain income and that is not negotiable. Will  I be able to succeed at this that I  am this passionate about, and that is this flexible be able to provide me with this stability financially long term. It certainly looks like it so far. I am very in demand and the clients are very very happy. Big clients too.

But somehow it feels foreign to me to be making good decisions and efficient and financially stable and be passionate at the same time. Doesn’t seem real? But it is. I know it is. Feels like an amazing dream in, any ways that I don’t want to wake up from. And in others ways it is so so so hard. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and confusing and frustrating, and create anxiety. It has interfered with my sleep, my family and my structures and routines. It is a whole different mindset.

I get restless sometimes. I know that I get bored quickly. Even as I edit and post this blog today I questions if I should and ask myself if I really am passionate. Passion often seems to fleeting to me. It never seems to stay. I have a huge weakness in character in this area. I need a lot of excitement. I am restless

(And I still miss the corporate cupcakes and especially the stir fry line.)

But there are many others things I am getting used to alos. Working from home (which isn’t hard as so often not there as at the clients location) I miss wearing the clothes of a company as now each time I see a client I have to wear a full business suit everyday vs one day a week when I was presenting and more of a business casual look some days of the week when I was at a company. I am getting used to the irregular pay that come in large amounts and then taper off for a few months and come again in big amounts soon. I am getting used to balancing short and long term and working vs networking and finding the perfect balance of the two.  I am getting used to not knowing what my week or day will look like at all and feeling ok with that. I am getting used to setting up subcontractors just in case and using them as I need to.

I am getting used to collaborating and using more of my green energies. Using my instincts more and sensing and judging less. Taking the help I am offered professionally and going with the flow. Praying a lot at night it will all work out?

And yesterday I knew I had found my passion. It was actually the perfect professional day and a few minor things made such the difference. Was it sleeping in until 8am and working in bed beside hubby that made the difference? Was it the cute and funny texting conversation I had with one of my stay at home mom friends whose life is so different from my own but never fails to make me laugh and come back to what is important to me? Was it a quick car phonecall with a BFF I have missed with a quick update? Was it landing the contract with a massive multinational coming I am been liaising with for weeks? Was it giving up money on a contract and deciding to collaborate on it in partnership with a person I know I can learn from? Was it the laughter that stayed in my heart all day and all evening from a client who I barely know who also signed a large contract with me yesterday who put me up to the craziest most eccentric piratical joke ever (to which I agreed!!!!!!)? Was it ending the day two hrs earlier and heading up to the cottage with my husband to wait for our kids in a second car and watch a ton of TV?

Or was it the sweetest, smartest, dearest combination of all of the above? I think it might have been one of the best days of my professional life as an adult (and I have had many) something about it led me to believe:

I have found you MR/Mrs. Passion. I have worked sooooooo hard for you-and there you are so shy and insecure and like a lady in waiting. There you are…Come hither my dear and let me hold you? You are mine for now and hopefully forever. Stay with me, guide me and be my Valentine?

I had the feeling yesterday that maybe, just maybe things would fall into place. And that for once in my life maybe I wouldn’t have to try so hard or think so hard. That my talent and personality would somehow be enough to be the perfect combination to keep sparkling. And shining.