Friday, February 05, 2016

All In

I have shifted lately.  I think less and love more .
My heart is expanding as my life is evolving.
I am loving more than my family
My freinds are my rocks, and i am there. I have made place for them fully.
My work is my baby in so many ways ; am i allowing myself to be brilliant?

I am vulnerable alot of the time and i share the load i give freely from my heart and i don't think twice about taking a call from a friend  in need at the expense of a big contract .

I watch movies alone the kids would love
I kiss more . 

I am driving three hours early morning tomorrow to the funeral of a boy i loved . For him.. For her . But especially for me .
I feel numb. I feel alive . I feel i will never stop paying it forward because of his tragedy.

I feel complete lately in so many ways even though my family is growing up

I am all in