Saturday, February 06, 2016

I am so lucky...

How incredibly lucky i am

... To get to come back to the cottage to my family. To spend time to sit on the couch by the fire with chase and have him ask me to rub his hair and hear him talk about his social life, his life, his school before he sets back off to the city for yet another night of partying .

How lucky i am to watch my daughter fall asleep on one couch after a long day of skiing and look into the other room and see my other son asleep on the couch after is long day of teaching skiing and his late night at The second  real party he has ever been to in his life last night.

How lucky i am to come back to a husband who loves and cherishes me after 20 yrs of marriage and who shows me daily in his action.

How lucky i am to be alive and have the people i love around me safe and well .

I attended the funeral today of a boy who touched my life profoundly. My adolescence and adulthood and who inspired me in so many levels due to his kind soul, infectious smile and love of life . Each of the 7 eulogies today brought him back to life for me in every shape or form . Also the beloved ex husband of Soul keeper Sage ....  A time in both of our lives we will never quite forget . Pure  friendships with him .. Her mothers tragic suicide.. My fathers mental illness and the comfort that dave brought all of us at that tragic time.

Today he was grieved and celebrated . I am not sure i have every seen so little parking spots and so many tears in a room . So many beautiful stories of the  he brought to others in his short 41 yrs.

I loved the part when his family and friends said that even on his deathbed he was able to ask about their obstacles, their families, their work. He was caring and interested until the very very end. This was the dave brand. How he loved his work and was so good at it: president of a successful engineering company at such a young age . So accomplished personally and professionally.

The message was clear : love what you do in life and be good at it. Make good from it. This was dave.

His son and daughter tight in their mothers strong arms . His 4 yr old daughter sobbing as the music came on he used to play for her . His mother and her grief. His sister . His brother . All his friends paralyzed by sadness and loss .

I spoke to his mom and his sister . They longed to hear the stories of his adolescence . The love was so strong And their  anger at leukaemia evident. He did not survive the stem cell surgery he waited for and suffered through for too long. I told them both from my heart tat if either of my sons turns out a fraction of the man dave became that i would be so proud as their mother.

The world lost a shining star in Dave this week. Heaven surely gained an incredible angel

I loved and will treasure forever the pamphlet on his life that we all took home. The most beautiful picture of him on the front on a boat in the wind laughing and loving life. No picture could have captured him more : it was projected on the walls of the service. His wife wrote :


" the best man you'll ever have isn't the best looking, the funniest or the richest. He's the one that makes you feel gorgeous, hilarious and like a million dollars . He makes sure you know he loves you"

I drove and drove today alone to be there today in ice and snow. I paid my respect up close to his ashes and said goodbye twice . Once from soul keeper and once from me

RIP Dave . You will always want to make me a better person
You will  make me feel lucky for having had the honour of knowing you , the honour of celebrating your life today and the privilege that i will never take for granted of coming home to my sweet family with life pouring through our veins and beating hearts .

With love