Thursday, February 11, 2016

My real day visit in Vancouver

Yesterday afternoon was just luck with the time difference . I lucked out with a few extra hours in the sunshine in a beautiful city .Today was the day I planned to tour .

Companies don't expect suppliers  to stay less than 2 nights when you take 6 hr flights so I arranged to have the gift of this day to explore my surroundings a bit .

Last night I ordered room service from the kids menu and then watched TLC . By 8pm I felt like it was midnight ( which is really was !) and I went to bed .
At 4 am I woke up of course wide awake but mediated my way back to sleep until 7:30am . An epic almost 12 hr sleep !!!

I looked out the window at guy the pouring rain and did a few hrs of work in my pjs .then head d out to the tourist kiosks for some ideas .
I decided on a nature adventure . In a yellow rain poncho on the rainforest called capilino suspension bridge 

This is what I wrote my family:The grand adventurer I am i am heading off in a few mins to capilino in the pouring rain with a big yellow poncho to go on a suspended bridge and see rainforests . Suspended scary bridge is 450 feet long 330 feet high .wish me luck !! Pouring rain ! 

Turned out to be really amazing . I wasn't scared at all by the suspended bridge . My heart did are at beating rapidly on the cliff walk though . Especially the part with the glass floors ! Omg !! I asked q Chinese man to take a picture and we were both so scared to let go Of rails for a minute .
It was worth it . (for me anyways!)

I also on the 30
Mins bus ride got to see part of Stanley park which I am sure on a sunny day is gorgeous 
 Was a magical day in nature . Close to trees water and good old fashioned beauty 

I prayed a lot ( to the universe ) and thought a lot .reflected a lot on my aloneness and how I felt about that .

Took it step my step minute by minute and again followed my heart . My heart took me to a secluded treehouse on the pond where I read all my fave blogs. It took me to buy homemade fudge for the family and towards q snack of a samosa at a random treehouse Cafe
My heart is with me now as I sit in the rain blogging and waiting for a bus .
 I think I want to spend the rest of the day just listening to where I am led .

In the rainforest today I lost what was probably my favourite earring ever :( a gift from hubby at Xmas and have worn them everyday since. But is there a better place to lose a jewel ? I felt a part of me was left in nature and with the universe . With God in my own sense of the word .
I walked away happily with this in mind .

 A wonderful relaxing way to spend my day . With the splendid universe in nature 

After the rainforests I took the bus to a cheap Chinese spa where I had a very Interesting massage . No receipt and no undergarments allowed . Thank goodness was a woman as the place was a little creepy . But I figure that most Chinese people are really smart and pretty much good at everything they do so this massage would be no exception. And I was right !!! I extended from 60-90
Minutes and she karate chopped me all over and did reflexology . It was super awesome and super scary at times . I had to tell her to calm down but man was it great ..

Then headed back to Gastown for the same Peruvian sandwich I have been craving since yesterday . Then back to the same store I bought the great sweaters and bought 3 shirts to go under the sweaters . Such great prices .then back to the hotel where I called the kiddies at home 

Lying down for a short 30 minutes and then I am taking a cab to the promendade area Robinson street for some window shopping and a little bite of if I find myself hungry again .

I wanted to do the fly over Canada assimilation ride and also wanted to use the hot tub on the roof but neither is going to happen as I had a huge tiring day and I think I will fall into bed after.

Let's not forget what I am here for ! Work ! Tomorrow delivering a session on time management for results and then a leadership
coaching session with one of the executives.  Then a red eye back home to fall into my own bed Friday morning for a few hrs before a packed afternoon of work 

This is an odd and strange life . And a cool one also to explore .Now that our kids are older business travel can kinda be a little fun . Actually based on this trip .. A lot of fun !!

I still think that life ... Should always be treated as a special
Occasion . And I have no intention of stopping any time soon .