Monday, February 15, 2016

The Perfect way to Spend Valentines for Us

We have a tradition in our family that I like a lot around Valentine's Day ... We spend it with the kids ( or whichever are around and single that is ) it's an occasion that is about love for me and never want older kids to feel alone so we always spend it and celebrate it together . Usually with a simple meal at ikea has been the choice . Or fondue at home 

Well this year we were spoiled . We had all three of ours at Trent with us and also three adorable  little kids . I call them all my yummies . Soulkeeper ( sk ) and M&M ( her hubby ) and their three little sweeties ( 7, 5 and 3 )

It is so fun to see our kids with their kids . Our kids look like Giants ! Cool to see them in that nurturing role and also seeing how hard it is to pull kids off technology ( a three year old is no different than a 16 yr old in that respect ! )
It's so different  now that our boys chill with the adults in so many ways now . Talking totally adult stuff too which is so off to the ears but our new reality ! And beauty is the best ever with kids . Seriously the best .

We all had so much fun just hanging out , playing games , sitting by the fire , chatting ,tickling the kids . At dinner we sat at the big table eating all the requested items the kiddies chose ( sausages and beans and rice , brownies and candy and sparkly water ) and we played discussion cards and took turns answering questions about families . After dinner the boys and sk played some poker and laughed their heads off . Then sk joined me by the fire for a great girl chat .

Then next morning was valentines and we all left little gifts and chocolates for the kids . It was so cute to hear them all so excited about treats . We Indulged ourselves and had the three of them come into our bed and cuddle with us and tell funny stories . Felt just like old times with our own kids and was way better than sleeping in . 

We all relaxed and ate breakfast and then headed out into the -25 weather for a little sliding and 4 by 4 on the lake and a walk . Then the adults went for a jacuzzi in the bitter cold yet shining sun .

Lunch was yummy . They made cheese fondue and two awesome salads . With Valentine chocolates for dessert of course . We all just fit together so perfectly . Age differences ... Just don't matter . Our kids just adore each other and are as close as cousins and the four adults just really click . Some great discussions and laughs . It all just makes so much sense and feels so good .i just feel that no subject is off limits : there is only love and acceptance and no judging on any level . Feels so freeing to just be who we are and present ourselves where we are at . You should hear some of our discussion topic !!!!!!!

Chase took a lift back to the city with them to meet a girl at our house he hangs out with for " pizza and a movie ". He is 18 ! And it is Valentine's Day ! Kinda hard to keep him back with the promises of a fajita and family calendar !

And the parents they are is truly inspirational . So many parts of me wish that I had known these ways and tricks when my own kids were young . No raised voices , no nagging , no power struggles . Yet firm and healthy discipline , boundaries and limits and a tone of attention and love and just being present . The result : three beautifully behaved happy children with some of the best manners and behaviours I have ever seen . Very very impressive .

So much to learn from these two parents . Both were social workers in the past who worked with teens so still lots of room for me learning and growing there with our own children as they grow into adulthood . And our kids respect them so much and look up to them .  They are as great compasses as they are cool .

Overall a weekend full of love .just perfect 

Hubby printed out my annual blog book too which always touches me so much and is truly among my most prized possessions .
I love seeing this in print in front of me like a book and also the picture and quotes that hubby attributes to that specific year . Makes the journey so clear and memorable 

Tonight he and I going out for fondue and a movie for our own valentines celebration which I am also really looking forward too .

Life is good .