Thursday, February 11, 2016


I am not the wandering type ( well that is I was not before today )

I left home at 6am this morning and came to the beautiful city of Vancouver for business for the next few days . I worked for 5 hrs on the plane which gave me the luxury of a time difference and a whole afternoon to enjoy myself today

A waterfront hotel with a lively breathtaking view and a beautiful city to start exploring by foot . I never knew I enjoyed wandering so much!

I decided just to walk out the lobby door and go where my heart decided . First stop was the sea wall right outside the door . In the sun . Phone off and just people watching . Then walked about 15 mins away and wandered boutique to boutique .

I found a store with a sweater wrap in two colours ( black and grey ) that just called out my name and said " you have been searching for me all your life " of course I bought both .

Then I passed this little dive of a Peruvian restaurant with a sign on the door that said best Vancouver restaurant of 2014 . I decided to go in and order whatever the chef told me was best .
Omg !!omg !! Best sandwich and plate of fries on the planet . Some kind of spicy marinated steak and chipotle and spicy sauce and grilled veggies all heated up with fries to die for with 5 dipping hot sauces . Pure heaven

Then wandered some more into many whimsical boutiques . Who buys a duotang that is plain blue for 30 dollars ? Whimsical for sure !

Then wandered back to hotel and passed a fancy chocolate store . Not even sure I have ever been in a chocolate store . Again I asked clerk to choose one delicious chocolate for me . Was called queen cream . So so so good !!!

Through all this I checked my phone once and hour as have lots on the go right now with clients and also feels  a bit Lonely to just be alone in my thoughts .

Saw a poster in agenda  that said student hair styling school and free shine gloss treatment so did this and hair is very shiny and felt good all day ! Who does this kind of thing ?? Me I guess ! Can't stop looking at my hair in the mirrors .. But 37 dollars for a little spray ? Maybe febreze would have the same effect ?

Stopped off at a Chinese spa and considering a foot rub for 10 tomorrow .

Don't forget I gained 5 extra hours today ( which I will lose on Friday !  So this day feels like forever . I am now going to take my book in the sun in the outdoor heated pool overlooking the city and water on one side and the ski mountains on the other and go for a read and a swim . After that I think I need to nap .

Finally the pool at this hotel had a broken Hot tub so I had special privileges across the street at the plaza hotel . Gorgeous pool and hot tub with a view of mountains and water  on one side and the city on the other . I read a book In the hot tub and contemplated returning back and crossing the busy street in my fairmont robe .then I remembered I was Here  for business and promptly put on my track suit over my bathing suit

Business travel can often be a pain in the butt -but if you end of taking a day for visiting can also be a real luxury too . Nice hotel .. Good food etc .

I am now going to unpack and watch a movie on this big screen and enjoy the evening and fall asleep early . And wake up early too and take a long  power walk-along the sea wall and start my day wandering yet again .

It's very odd to be alone . Wandering . In my thoughts. Feels odd .

 But Ahh .. Entrepreneurship has lots of advantages . I could get used to this .