Saturday, March 05, 2016


Ps I am fully aware that there are often punctuation or grammatical mistakes on my blog entries . Usually i am posting on a phone or ipad and very hard to fully edit vs when kn my computer . Also its a conscious choice as if i have to put too much effort into the editing i know myself and would not have the time and would give up the writing of the blog. It's one of those don't let good be the enemy of great things to me- but I am sure it is super annoying !!! Trust me when I write professionally I am error free .

Now to the blog...

A lot what I do that involves being active ( excercise , errands , chores ) I have to force myself . I do them all  and can even be fairly good at them but takes me a lot to get myself to do them .
Mental agility however is  usually a piece of cake for me and I look forward to it .

This week is March break . No breakfast making for kids , no driving , no early mornings . It is taking all of our willpower to get up early anyways  before work and get out to the door for monkey bar gym for cross fit class . But we did it !

I realized this morning how sharing an activity with a teen vs talking with them is so much more productive and fun . Beauty since no school asked to come to
The class with us . We watched her in awe . She made it look so so so easy .50 burpies to her is like asking her to eat an apple .
She has not lifted weights in her life and went up 55 lbs ( on each arm) for
Suitcase squats right away .
She does pull-ups push-ups and anything the instructor asked her  to right away  with zero difficulty He said that she is what they call in cross fit super super fit and agile

I asked instructor how old he thought she was ?

20 yrs old ??

Nope just turned 14 !!! I was just relieved  he did not ask for her number !

All that to say was so fun to share this active experience together and for us to see her in action and for her to see her parents in action . We showed off a bit for her too and at end she said she noticed  and that and that we should always bring her along for a better workout :)
Love that girl . Lately new sides coming out of her and new dimensions to
Our relationship .

In the next month any help we had around house is suspended for a variety of reasons . Part of me is very very scared and part of me is up to the challenge of getting active with the family and getting Systems in place to step it up and integrate all these added domestic challenges . Again active as a family might be good for us and some extra running around and time crunches ( we will see if I still feel this optimistic after a month has passed !!! )

We are super busy as a family , and used to be super active when kids were younger and doing all sports together , or now when we travel and so lots of activity together , but most our times together are eating and watching movies in general with the exceptions of the above

It's time to "just do it " as Nike says and connect on a whole other level !
As beauty showed me today it is a different dimension of a relationship to share an activity together and one that I really want to explore more of this

Ps - started the above well today . Did a good deed  for some of our bffs and were passing their cottage on way to ours so bought two shovels and cleared their walkways since literally was about 200 cms of snow !!!!!!!!
10 mins later they showed up and we all worked together ( except sk
Who is is a shoulder sling and had just had mini surgery ) we helped them shovel and get three kids in snow pants and empty the car and put on the heat in the cottage .Felt great to be active and helping !

( and this morning drove 4 hrs to get two teens to two far away ski mountains to ski with friends and will go back to get them again . It is our weekend of good deeds fir sure!!!)