Thursday, March 10, 2016

Getting Our Act Together

There are a few things in my life that no matter how I try and try to put them on my to do list and goals list they  just never seem to happen and if they do - don't last long .

Two of them it seems are happening now 

Not because I am getting more disciplined with good habits but bc I am being forced into it !  And I am starting to think this may be good for me .

1- as any of my committed blog readers know when it comes to domestic home stuff ( cooking , cleaning , being tidy in house , etc )I just can't seem to get my act together. 
Now I do have a few excuses: we do have two homes to take care , my expections of myself are super high, although I am super organized with planning and systems etc not so much with house stuff 
I fall really short on the domesticity level . Let's just say it would not be easy to arrange a marriage for me if I was Indian .

Well this next month my mom who we pay to help out two afternoon twice a month is not well and so not working . So I am taking over and it is hard ! But necessary! And will force me to get better at this stuff . And this time when she is back I am promising myself not to go back to my old bad habits .
We had a family meeting in jacuzzi last night and mapped it all out for the kids and what we would need and expect from them . Whole new life around here and now all will be doing their own laundry ( only one kid has until now ) and oldest kid will be grocery shopping every alternate week .

2 - I have always wanted to spend more alone time with each kid and rarely happens over the years except for a lunch here and there .
Well now It naturally happens as we often have two cars to cottage as son comes later on weekend so I drive home with him alone . Also boys are ski instructors and beauty being certified to be one  so she has Sundays off  .Hubby and I hang out with just her a lot more often and go skiing and skating . Bear starts driving lessons next week so will be lots of alone time in car for a year y his side on learners permit 

It is all just naturally figuring itself out as they get older and we are adjusting and enjoying them one by one in many ways 

So there we go . Baptized by fire !

Now if only the item if " think about a dog , consider a dog,borrow a dog , get a dog"
Could make it from my to do list into reality would be all
Set !
The fact I can't even seem to make time to think about a dog is making it pretty clear to  us all we are not getting one anytime soon !!!