Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nourishing our Souls

I choose this title because lately I have been so busy that I am having a hard time nourishing the tummies of the family ( aka empty fridge and TV dinners a lot last couple of weeks for lack of time )

So although I know how important the nourishment of the souls is I was feeling it drop lower  and lower on the to do list lately 

I had planned this amazing 6 hr training session for our family months again to take place on two parts . Last night was part 1.
One of the team and leadership program I deliver on my work in companies called DYNAMIX I wanted to bring home .

So I asked one of the our new collegues who just began her career with Peak if she would be interested  in doing this with our family ( normally done with corporate teams )
This was a big time investment as we all have lengthily surveys to complete to produce the 38 page individual profiles . My mom was part of this too as such a part of our everyday family .

We all did it and the session took place last night from 6-9pm . Prior , everyone was so aggravated with me as in exams and sports competitions and driving courses and work deadlines etc  and they could not believe I was forcing this onto our already packed schedule. But is there ever a good time to take time out ? At a certain point you just have to forget all the fluff ( like the studying and sports ) that really in the end aren't go to make a difference in life and nourish the family as a whole .

And so we did . All the kids faces at the beginning were so reluctant and resisting I was scared !!

But my collegue blew it away and did an amazing job of adapting and connecting with each family member .by the time they received their own personalized  38  page profile they were begging to see it !

And they were so interactive and curious and engaged . They were also super interested  in the results of the other family members  as we are all so differnt and complimentary and so cool to see those differences spelled out  in black and white in this way . I learnt so much that evening about a family I thought I knew so well !

This is by far the best tool I have every seen and I have literary seen hundreds in my career .I felt so proud that this tool I often deliver in companies is so  incredible . 

We stopped mid way for pizza and cookies and then quickly right back to work .
The session wrapped up with the very best part where the leader has each family member recognize eachother for the unique  role they play within the family . This was truly one of the best 15 mins I have ever experienced in our family team . Hearing so articulately what they see about their fellow  family member in a way that the instructor led so beautifully  was so heart warming and empowering 

And I will never forget what each family member said about me as their mom ( as through the session they complained a lot about me but in conclusion at the end  they for some reason worshiped me ! )
Made the whole parenting journey worth it for me . The recognition felt amazing and powerful for all of us . To hear the children express themselves that way was such a gift 

Samantha will come  back for part 2 which is building our family vision for another three hrs in a few weeks and now the kids are eager and excited .was also cool for them to get a glimpse into what their mom does for work 

Was truly inspirational for all and I would highly recommend that if a family can do this and make it happen financially  and time wise .. It might be one of the best investments you ever make in a lifetime 

Since that evening I have considered going more on the family side in addition to my corporate work . I don't think it is possible to have an evening like this in your own family and not feel like you want every family to experience it !!

We chose to nourish our souls last night And it was worth every moment of TV dinner and takeout . Was worth the sports coaches getting mad and the teachers demanding more .Was worth the dirty kitchen and the unfinished work 

I gave my family a gift list night that none of us will ever forget . I am proud I made that time to claim what is rightfully ours as a family.