Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One Good Friday and 3 Days at Stowe

Two really great days (and a potential two more to come!)

I love what both days had to offer . Just a bunch of small moments making up great days. The simple formula is a whole bunch of family togetherness and within that time a lot of alone time too. 

Friday, Hubby had a choir show he was performing in at place des arts . We did not go to this one as he has many and went to one a couple of months ago but he has pretty much been gone all week with practices. I worked Friday good part of day and then Hubby came home and we chatted with the kids about what Easter is all about from a religious standpoint and then we huddled in a circle and did a little family dance ( sounds a little odd but was super cute )

Then Hubby and I took a long walk by the lake and went out for a coffee at a cool new place in the village and people watched. 
When we got home we all piled on the couch and watched the first part of Moses but couldn't watch much as we all had to be out of house by 6pm for various commitments. But that hour was special and was fun to do something their Dad used to do as a child on Good Friday. That evening I went shopping and dinner with my mom and then came back for a movie at my place. Special too :) love my mommy.

Hubby had a great show and a great cocktail chat after and celebration and got home super late. Then we left for Stowe the next morning.

Love this place!! Got a great upgrade on room and it is gorgeous. Nice cute cafe for yummy sandwiches and USA groceries to stock the fridge with snacks and breakfast stuff. All lounged at the pool outside here in the spring weather in big robes and napped and read and chatted. (In between all of this of course every moment the teens are on their annoying phones and not interacting with us but some moments they do)

Then we had the best evening. Super cool yummy Mexican Cafe we have gone too many times and never disappoint and great conversations. Then to an old fashioned adorable movie tiny cinema and watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 " omg !!! Even better than 1 !!!! Definitely both on my top 5 ever of movies. We all decided that all the kids have to marry Greeks.  We had such a good time and since we are in a small little town far off away in a different county the kids were not embarrassed to be seen with us and even allowed us and them to laugh out loud the whole movie!!

Then iPads and reading in beds at hotel ( let's not preened there is not fighting and bickering from a lot of us and that the many great conversations we had mostly were four out of five of us and one of the people barely talks or smiles )

But back to the positive ...

There is something about the last two days that just feels so right .I  have just loved them. It's funny because as the university debate in my head and heart goes in and on with all the pros and cons of having kids stay at local universities and live at home (we are blessed in Montreal with excellent French and English universities so close by so not much of a pull or  need to go anywhere) or all the pros and cons of having kids leave and go away to university which is also such a great experience.... 
My heart keeps winning out vs my head. Short terms sure would be great for kids to have these away experiences and move away etc. but long term? Totally sucks !
They will end up marrying (hopefully Greek!) people far far away and then wheat we get together as a family a few times a year?  And during that time they need to see their Mtl friends and our extended family etc etc etc 
No!!!! Our brand is togetherness: cottage life: helping our kids to raise their children. I don't want to have kids across the country and skype. I want them close (if ever I get to choose or influence that is!!!)

Just like the Greeks on the movie. 2/3 of our kids  said “now that is what life is about”
Yay I agree.
Days like the last two days are scared and special and there are not enough of them .The kids will have years to live on their own in apartments-why now?

Lounging days like Friday where some of us sing and some of us work and some of us study but we are all together. We get to dance in between and watch Moses for 30 mins . Grab chocolates for a few mins.

I always had  this life with my mom ( lives 5 mins away and is part of our daily life and it is the foundation of my life and security and happiness of her adult daughter and my kidslives too ) it is what I want for my kids future and for ours .
She is our maria-ya-ya just like in the movies (although we call her Didi) she is part of everything 

Will I get it? Who knows right?
But I know if I am asked I will encourage it. I will support them all no matter how it goes but I will always want them close by if I have a say 

I loved the Greek movie and the family life 
I have loved the last couple of days even though they all annoy me (and I annoy them) they are my people. The village 

Tomorrow off to ski beautiful Stowe Mountain and then Monday shopping and lunch at the sound of music mansion and a bunch of ice-cream, coffee and cider tours!

Day 2 Stowe- Not every day is stellar

I have always wanted to show off a bit in front of my kids when it comes to skiing. When I know they are watching I try to cut a bit more and use the poles and put some energy into the glide.
I remember my son bragging to other friends “my mom is intermediate!
That was when he was four 

Since then there is no showing off. Keeping from embarrassing them is more of a goal .hubby and my intermediate used to be satisfactory now it is just making it so that we are so so left behind our three expert skiing teens  and it is almost a laugh. 

Why we thought skiing Stowe in 16 degree weather would be fun is beyond me. Talk about spring conditions!!! Omg !!! When the gondola ranches the top of the mountain ,only then did I realize how hard to would be to get down. No groomed trails but stuck with  thick moguls of powder slush spring snow. And miles and miles to
cover. All three kids no problem whatsoever and husband was so –so and very cranky as although capable hates spring conditions. Me = total loser 

Fast forward to the end of the day where I got the hang of it a bit more and we were all looking forward to our last run. At the very top of it I hit a massive part of dirt and gravel and wiped out so
completely soaked in water and mud and so hurting all Over. My head my knees my wrist. A mess and still whole way to get down on the hardest run of the day. 

So much for showing off. I cried myself the whole way down and at one point was so tired, I  just lay on the ground and pretended to be dead for a few mins and they were all worried and I had no energy to care . Did I say this day was good?

Overall too I have realized that it is (often) annoying travelling with teens. They are so addicted to their phones most of the time unless forced not to be during family time and meals of course. Just generally obnoxious and annoying. But it is the moments in between it all right that we aim for ?

The spring conditions for weather were very gorgeous though and so was the scenery (through tears) we were in sweater and even ate lunch outside (20 dollars USA chili!!)
We also could not believe that the day cost 100 usa per person almost! That was enough to kill us. Why not just go to Cuba!

Hubby has locked his back fully too by tonight .I guess it is clear we are getting too old for this. We can't wait for the kids to have kids and just get back to our level and showing off for them. Our kids are just way too good at this sport.

And the morning sucked too. Beauty was a nightmare and we had it out with her. How can someone be a nightmare in a gorgeous hotel? How is that possible?

Anyways when got back to hotel I just went to bed right away for an hour and felt sorry for myself for humiliating myself so much in front of the kids. 

Then I shaped up and we all went to the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi in the shining sun and the evening started taking good shape again in the hot sun. Hubby and  I napped in our robes and read and the three kids went and did big workouts in the hotel gym. We then got ready for dinner 

And it was fabulous!
Thank goodness. Great pizza and sushi place (a little dive but those are always the best places right?)
Great conversations and lots of making fun of me and their dad and trying to help us get up our Athleticism (we always wanted our kids to be athletic but never realized they would turn out this fit!)

Anyways back to the hotel with some USA candy on hand and now in bed all relaxing and reading and watching our shows each on our own devices 

Hubby and I are seriously hurting all over and rubbing Voltarin all over. Nice long showers with the ultimate grapefruit body wash EVER!
Tomorrow breakfast at hotel (in my bathrobe) and Jacuzzi and swim and then a cheese factory, cider factory, chocolate factory and coffee factory tours 
Then some weinershizel at the sound of music lodge and some outlet shopping on way home!

Ps ya now it the next morning -. My body feels like it has been run over by a truck and I have a whiplash too . I can't even use my wrist to open a bottle of iced tea . My Protector’s back is completely frozen (as in he can't get out of bed and I am completely useless to help him) we have used up almost a full tube of Voltarin and both of us have to make emergency appts with our Chiro.

The funny (not so funny thing!) is that the kids are all in pain too and sounded just as old as us. This true spring skiing seemed to do us all in. Showing off ( or trying to) is so so so so not worth it 

We hate getting old 

 Day 3-Last day in Vermont 

Our last day was amazing :)
All slept in until 10:30 and then went to the best breakfast ever .I went in my robe which was the best part 

We had a feast of bagels and lox and cream cheese , eggs Benedict , smoked ham , capers and tomatoes , hot chocolates and slow roasted coffee . Was overpriced but a nice way to end our stay at the hotel. Then hubby and I went in the pouring rain got in outdoor pool and hot tubs which was a welcome relief for our aching backs 

Then we cleaned up the room and headed out to the sampling spots for chocolate, apple cider, cheese and the finale of Ben a Jerrys. It was honestly all so tacky that we laughed the whole way through and of course enjoyed the entire free samples. Headed out with with a  bag of homemade fudge in hand to enjoy for dessert 

Then the best part was the Trapp Family Lodge deli for lunch. Besides the amazing sausages sandwiches and homemade pretzel bread and yummy side salads I was in the mood to make the kids laugh and laugh.
I was telling them about the sound of music and playing songs (imagine I was so busy working their whole lives never even bothered to show them the movie!!) anyways I was in one of my silly moods and made them laugh and laugh by basically telling them all about the Trapp family (which I know absolutely nothing about) I played them songs and sang along and just invented facts about their lodge and their lives .Nice cozy 13 minute power lunch  by the fireplace there before the finale of the cream tour which was the best one and still very tacky but a little cool too to see how ice-cream is made in the factory.

Then last stop was to some of the USA stores like Abercrombie etc. for the kids to choose one item of clothing each as their souvenir since these three days were our family vacation this year.

And hearing all the kids silly conversations about " what is there more of than people I the world? " Nipples! Omg!
And their competitions of who is more jacked and in shape. Their requests for advice on their fashion and styles and their teasing and bickering and overall sibling love. Still the three little bear cubs they always were.

I realized today that my mood as a mommy affects the kids a lot. I am the climate keeper on a lot of ways. Beauty was also great today and last nigh too and makes such a difference to the overall family climate. But my mood was key too this weekend and I woke up with the intention Saturday to make it all count. And it did. Time is slipping away way to fast and I intend to make these family times as special as possible filled to the brim with memories.

Putting my phone away completely and being disconnected from email really really helps me to be present with the family and not distracted. Emails will be waiting when I get home and so will my work: but my growing kids won't nor will our precious (and sometimes not precious) family time together .

Goodbye Stowe!!!!