Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Utmost Respect

The. Utmost respect

As I have written about so often on this blog i am completely in love and in awe with the highschool that all three kids attended or currently attend.

To me it was the absolute  biggest deal to get them intot his school which is very tough to get into . It was worth every single hour of prepartion. Nagging, communicating, strategizing and obsessing.
When i wrote that text " he got in!!! " those who knew and understood me well , fully got how big this really was.

So many people i know right now are in the middle of univeristy applications and acceptances as many kids the age of Chase, our eldest son , or slightly older. And the university choice and decision seems to be as big as it was for us getting our kids into this particular highschool. As for us I am surprised that we don't seem to care as much about which university in particular and this laid back attitude takes me by surprise. I started wondering why this is?

I realized the other night when we attended the parent teacher meetings of Bear and Beauty exactly why this is. For us : the quality of the education ans supervison in highschool mattered the most . More than primary amd more than cegep or university. For us they are the most important formative years and we feel that this education has given them or will give them the confidence, autonomy, strategy and experience to make the decisons that are right for them in their higher educations

I feel that this school empowers them and creates confidence . These two attributes are what ultimately in our family we seek for our children. I feel that by the time they make the university choices they will have had this strong and powerful foundation to do what is best for them. They will know.

As I watched my daughter interact with her teachers I was blown away . Truly . By the quality of teachers. By their devotion, their savvy with teens and  their coolness. The respect they commanded and earned. I was blown away by how they knew our daughter so so so well and related to her in exactly the way that would motivated her . This school has the reputation of big classes( 38 per grade ) i am here to tell you that they also have the provem track record of phenomenal teachers who can handle it. I have heard their teachers are highly paid .. And it shows!

Watching our daughter in these interactions was truly beautiful. She is not an easy teen but her teachers clearly bring out the best in her. Whether she failed a test or got 100 percent on one they were there bulding her confidence up and working with her. It was amazing to sit back and watch her in these almost magical interactions. At times i had to hold back tears is how special it was

And then she saw the  elderly janitor in the hall and screamed out his name in sheer joy and he had a huge smile across his face . He said her name and said how happy he was to see her . She asked if he had tics tacs to share with her and he said " of course !!! " i loved this interaction and will stay embedded in my mind forever . She is adored and adoring

My husband and I since have commented that neither of us ever had these types of quality interactions with teachers and personnel in high school. Maybe with a chosen  few favourites but not in this way with all surrounding us . What a cool motivating environment . We were jealous !!

Most would perceive us as parents very concerned with acedemics and high education and our kids getting good jobs and secure futures. Yet in reality we are not as concerned as many would think . We are concerned with the journey to ge there and highschool for that was where we felt needed to nuture our kids the most . We will expect all of our kids to go to univerity and pray they do, but what their futures hold belongs to them. Happiness and fulfillment are  what we want for our kids . In whatever they do and choose to do. We don't have many expectations in terms of particular careers or futures for our kids .
All we really care about is family sunday night dinners and them living close so we can help raise their kids !!!

Empowerment, self confidence , courage, the ability to make good choices for themselves however this looks

The school our kids went or go to is gold in my mind . It is a combination of all the Queen's, Harvard's, And Mcgills . There is not an element I would change ( except the too short skirts! ) or an element  I would want more of.

This school takes the kids journeys to a place where they are empowered to take up the rest of those journeys themselves and make wise decisions themselves that will hopefully bring them happiness and fulfillment . This building shelters them during the turbulent storms of adolescence which is the most i could ever hope for

Going to these parent teacher meetings is truly an honour and privilege that i will not be forgetting anytime soon. If my husband chooses to trek in Peru in october to raise funds for this school to send kids who cannot afford it i will be proud of this amazing cause