Saturday, April 09, 2016

A different kind of wonderful

When i became an entrepreneur full time just over a year ago now, i had told myself that if i was successful in my journey that a year later i would take a trip . By myself, on a beach, to a place where i could do a fitness boot camp and do fitness classes half the day and work the other half of the day on the beach . I wanted to write , get all my creative stuff done that i never have enough time to do, and generally have a week away challenging myself both physically and mentally . Very very different than my normal vacations where i do nothing at all and stay completely disconnected !

That being said when i told my husband my plan he was not too thrilled ( although supported me ) and so he came up with the idea that beauty and i go together and time it around a week where she has off school in april . The way beauty has been with me over the last couple of years i was very doubtful she would want to do this with me but when we asked her she was completely thrilled . I was very delighted that she was so excited.

So we leave his monday morning ! Just the two of us for a week!!!

So this trip will be very different now. Part of the reason to have me go alone was money as our trip as a couple ( with one kid) is in june .  Now we are paying two tickets anyways  . Now i wont be working more than 2 hrs a day  there and i don't want to bore her to death. Fitness we will take two classes  a day of sailing or tennis or golf or Zumba or Pilates or circus etc and learn new sports like stand up paddle and take long walks. ... But it will be a lot harder to stay motivated if we are together and more tempting to sleep in and watch movies . I would have been forced to do these sports in order to socialize and meet people if i were there alone.

Beauty is at a stage right now where at least 85 percent of the time as a 14 yr old girl she is a tough time . Keeps to herself, alienates me a lot, has attitude. Teen hood seems to bring out her naturally more reserved calm cool and collected side to extremes! ( combined with a really bad attitude ) i am a little scared to be honest!

Yesterday she and i did have a good laugh though together as i joked she better come up with some good conversations given the fact we will have 21 meals just the two of us to share !  She thought this was funny

Today i put my nervousness aside and started to get really excited . Really excited for the next 7 days. To bask in my daughter and to likely learn to dance a different way with her . For the two of us to learn a different language together and share parts of ourselves that we have not yet explored   If i look at in from that lens it seems like a gift we have both been given and also earned from a lot of the work we have been doing over the last couple of years to understand eachothers  differences and ensure that our long term relationship os not tainted or affected by these turbulent times called adolescence.

In reality i can work anytime . I can sail anytime.  I can golf anytime . I can walk, read and relax anytime. And i can eat 21 meals alone anytime too. Hopefully she and i will be able to share these activities together in a wonderful way, but if we cannot the gift of my daughter for 7 days will be more precious and i have a feeling this trip will take us to a whole new level and will make me grow as her mother in ways i have not stretched myself before. If i can keep myself in this new mindset - i know this may be one of the best weeks of my life deep down inside of me . And the person who can ensure that is not Beauty .. Is is me. I van do anything i want if i put my mind to it, and i want and need this.

I am looking forward to loving and appreciating her a lot in these next 7 days and being loved by her too which my heart is aching to feel.

Stay posted for what is sure to be an interesting week!!!