Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Punta Cana Mother- Daughter trip 2016 (and a few other random thoughts)

If it is possible to have just one all time favorite picture of your child-this is mine for sure

And this is my all time fave pic of the two of us (ps she is biting my ear in this picture and we thought the photographer was crazy for suggesting this!!!)

I choose this one to hang in my room...
She chose this one to hang in hers...
This trip  was so beyond my expectations it is very hard to articulate. We got back what we always should have had.

And a sidenote: This morning the expression "Don't let Good be the enemy of Great" kept rolling through my mind. I had visions of coming home last night and before the reality all set in,  relaxing the family of five without a care in the world..I had visions of getting up today and before working posting a blog with all my favorite pics. I had promised myself these things and made space for them.

Instead I came home and spent the evening on the internet doing medical research that was necessary....I fell asleep feeling sad instead of happy.....I got up this morning and struggled for hours on the blog site and my phone to post pics that were not upside down...I posted 6 pics instead of 60.
I looked at my day and am scared (and won't even have time to unpack my toothbrush as have no food in the house)
But you know what? That is life..that is reality.
It belongs to me
And I cherish it all
I cherish and am grateful for every single moment I get to be alive on this beautiful earth