Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our first day in Rome ( pics added another day)

I cannot believe that a day  and a half ago I was in Peru . And now I am in Rome ? How did this happen? Thank goodness I cancelled the stop In Toronto which was initially planned making me get home at 1am instead of 2 pm that same day . I think I have lost my mind . I cancelled the event a few weeks before bc I realized how crazy it really was

Travelling with Chase so far is fun ! He is a good traveller and appreciates all the beauty and culture surrounding him . The fight was easy and we all slept very uncomfortably  but still some sleep . Arrived at our hotel which is very centrally located and completely crashed for 2.5 hrs ( kept pressing snooze and forced ourselves up )

Then found a very cute yummy place for chases first Italian meal . It was fun to see him eat real mozzarella 

Walked around for a couple of hours and sat  on the church step admiring the street break dancers and people watching . At one point fatigue over came me like a wave and I pleaded and begged to have our tiny hotel room to myself for 30 mins to organize  our luggage and take a shower . They finally relented and left me .

I only feel good when I am organized and clean . The shower felt like heaven and I climbed in to bed to read and was asleep by the time my boys returned and never woke up ... Until 3am 

At 3am it was like a circus in our room . All three were awake and ready to start the day and starving . Nothing open and no food . Apparently I was snoring for hours ( I find this hard to believe ) and then we all stayed up talking and laughing and chase came in  our small bed and we tried to go back to sleep and finally hubby did and took over the snore fest . Chase watched Netflix to my dismay .
I pray tonight we all just sleep through .

By 7:30 chase had us up and out to eat and I begged to stay in bed and ate a muffin there . I don't think these people realize how tired i still am !!

And onto Rome and the Colosseum  which we walked the wrong way to and so two hours later were still 40 mins away .i hauled down a cab . All so beautiful and at every corner is a beautiful new sight to see .

My style of travel is to see a site for about 30 mins and then find a quiet bench in the shade overlooking beautiful things ... And read ..
Hubby walks everywhere and loves hearing all the details of the sight and chase is somewhere in Between 
Had a so so lunch with weird salad and incredible lasagna 

Then onto the Roman Forum and then the beautiful amazing Trevi fountain where we made wishes and splashed around in the heat . We knew we were supposed to throw money behind us and then be sure we would return to Rome one day - but we decided to sneak a few wishes in there too ) until my mom feels better on a daily basis mine is always for her health and all our health ) . Sometimes when my back really annoys me and painful I think that it is the universe ensuring that I always keep my mom top of mind and ensuring that I always come from a place of empathy for her . When my back hurts or I don't feel well I feel sick thinking of what my mom goes through hour to hour with constant headaches and limitations ( besides back and stomach issues ) it makes me furious and literally sick to my stomach that I can't make it better . I try not to let these feelings in too often as they hurt so much to feel but the better I feel and the more fun in my own life I have .... The more I feel them it seems .

Trevi fountain was as glorious as I imagined it in the movies . We all loved 

On our way there we stopped for a snack and had some basil olive and tomato eggplant pizza squares . Everything tastes amazing here 

Then we wanted to treat ourselves to Thai foot massages at the end of the day for our soar and aching feet but the place we went back to was totally full so we made appts fortomorrow at 6pm

We walked for a total of 9 hrs today minute maybe 2.5 hrs of sitting so 6.5 hrs . We are back at hotel now and relaxing for an hour before we head out for dinner and gelato of course . 
Chase was great and it is fun to be with him . It is truly like being with an adult . I can't believe just 6 years ago we were in Paris with him ( and he was the size of my thumb )
Who is this cool broad  shouldered confident charismatic man who is our son now ?
It's such a privilege to share this time with him and he already told us that as he gets older he will always be " willing " to travel with us if we pay as he likes it a lot but said he would never spend his money on trips but prefers objects and cars ! Lucky us ! ( I guess )

Rome !!!!!