Monday, May 30, 2016

Peanut Butter and Jam

Ps all pics coming soon when i have the energy and time !!!!!

I spend quite a bit more time with chase than our other two kids lately given that he is often home in the day because of his erratic cegep schedule and the fact that i have a home office

We often grab a bite in or out together or feel awkward together when the cleaning team arrives every second week . We mostly ignore each other but here and there  I get the chance to nag him more often to clean up and i get to have an extra dishwasher stacker around complaining but getting the work done . I also have someone to share a laugh with .I treasure this time .

I love the kid endlessly and through all the rough growing pains has always been this way. I wrote to my husband the other day on text that being with chase on the trip would feel to me like being with peanut butter ( i am the jam ) So easy and comfortable and fits perfectly together .I don't know why it is but has been that way for years .

So last night was no exception although we had a sweet layer of nutella added in ( hubby ). We rested and napped at hotel and then headed out to dinner - we let Chase chose and it was german resto . We were a little apprehensive but was so incredibly delicious ! Best steak filet ever over a bed of arugula and shaved parmasan. And the sausage plate with sauerkraut did not disappoint with its warm tangy mustard sauce .
And a great Caesar salad and non alcoholic german beer that my hubby always appreciates as so rare to have a great one

We sat for a few hrs and has so many great conversations and great chats . It was so fun and lively . Chase worked on us again about his wanting to have a 10 person "
Not party" at our cottage when we get back but all calm and collected .The guy knows how to work the parents and our soft spots!

His dad and i went for a stroll and bought a yummy but expensive ( 9 euro??!! ) ice cream and met chase back in the room for a long and restful and needed sleep . We woke up at 9:30am today !

Chase is being amazingly civil and respectful with his phone use ( having no data is a blessing)
He uses it in room but doesnt seek out restos or places to find wifi which surprises me . He even gets mad at his dad when he is on the gps ! ( maybe my example of having my phone off always during vacations is inspiring him ?)  Usually our kids are bad at this when alone and with us in general but at the cottage , with frienda around and adults around they are usually very respectful. The last month i have not seen that usual fairly respectful use of their technology  in two instances at a pool party we had and with out of twon guests we had . I am glad to see on this trip chase still has his manners as something we have worked on consistently for years. Cool to see it come to life in rome

Then today Vatican city and the Vatican museum and basilica

The courtyards and gardens and churches are beautiful and so grandiose
Really gave us a flair of the true Rome

( I feel so bad for My Protector as he must feel like he is with two teens as both chase and I can't stop saying when we see the nuns and priests " who would want to do that with their life ? " childish I now but I couldn't seem to help myself by agreeing with Chase on this one . Especially after we walked an hour to the Vatican and then heard that shorts may not be allowed ( out of respect !! ) nevertheless the church and city were beautiful and wonderful and we even sat down the three of us and prayed .

Then onto a beautiful lunch at the same resto we ate at the first lunch and again the food blew us away with the caprese salad and smoked salmon over arugula and the pastas and meats . I could listen to chase all day go on and on about the food here - I knew he would love it .

Then a great time in the gardens of villa borghese and we tried to rent segways but decided pretty quickly maybe not ! Would have needed at least 15 mins of practice first as tried them and hard to maneuver at first ! We settled on a golf cart to see the park and that was a fun filled 45 mins and will let chase blog more about it later

Walked another 40 mins to get half hour Thai food massages and that felt amazing .Truly
Then some shopping on way back to hotel for chase who has 60 euros to spend on a souvenir(s)  for himself from us and he has already picked out a couple of great and cheap shirts. He loves clothes shopping and always has such a cool style .we left him in the shops and came back to hotel at 8:30pm for a little break before dinner as we are exhausted . Couldn't of course not stop for a slice of Gorgonzola mushroom pizza to share in front of the hotel

Tonight is Brie burgers we found at this little dive that look delicious and tomorrow leaving Roma and off to sorento !

Spending time with one kid alone like this is the most precious gift ever . Seriously it is .Even by the end of a long day simpler still peanut butter and jam . He hugs me .. Kisses me ... Lets me lean into him Into huge hugs when I get tired in the street The sweetest of the sweet he is . May not always appear that way -but people who know him well know that underneath that cool exterior is probably the most affectionate loving person ever .

Enjoying Roma through his eyes is truly magnificent .I love being a mom .