Friday, May 13, 2016

The cravings begin

I never imagined my body would crave excecise or anything close to that .
Crave sleep food or leisure certainly ! But excecise ? No way ... Not me .

Not did I ever really believe that I would be in a good enough routine in excercise  that when I miss a day or a week something feels missing from my life . Unimaginable actually . And that my husband and I would be doing this together ? For real ?

I guess the slogan of " takes 90 days for a habit to form " is really true . In our case it has been 5 months that it took to feel any type of attachment . And trust me it is still not like intellectually i feel like ever going to the gym but physically my body seems to want it . 

It's not as though we are hard core exercisers either ! Only two times a week we do very very intense circuit and kettle ball training . Then another two times a week I power walk and my hubby walks with me or jogs . And we also walk to and from the gym both days which is about 15 mins each way . And we have been doing this since October 2014 with generally consistency ( with a few weeks of for vacation or injuries or travel for work )

What makes me so proud is that it really does not fit into our lives in any shape or form . We have no time for this at all but have really prioritized it and made it happen ( only took me 43 yrs !!! ) . If anything this would be the worst time to excercise  . My business travel is at an all time high and so is my stress level . My moms needs have been requiring massive amounts of time and energy as well as that we have lost all help in our home since January and we have depended on this help for years with the types of careers we have and built our schedules around it .

Both hubby and I have had big back issues ( mine  returned as Chiro dumped me ) and hubby a new issue last few months .

And both of us have no time for our lives .. Relaxations .. Communication or our important to do lists at work or home . But we still go to the gym . ( hubby craves it less than I do but he is disciplined and goes nonetheless )

So we have made it happen !! I can't believe it ! I remember a great friend and colleague sitting with me at barbies restaurant and saying to me " just commit and do a class once a week . Commit and make it happen. Every week " sounded like such good advice and simple but I was never able to do it and now I have .

And it is not for the same motives . My only motivation used to be for how
I looked . Now it is simply for how I feel . I feel stronger . I stand taller . My weight is the same but I believe I look better in clothes (even if it is in my own head feels good !) I am doing this for reasons that are more important : because I need to be healthy . I have had enough examples around me lately to understand that Health and protecting it has to be a number one priority 

Hopefully those push-ups and kettle ball swings are working their magic inside of my body . Hopefully those walks there and back and in between will allow me to more successfully walk up stairs at the school without being out of breath and do the walk of gods on our upcoming trip to Italy with chase .and hopefully it will provide a good example to our children of health and prioritizing  ( finally !)

It's probably just a coincidence but everyone this year in our house is in the best shape of their lives . All three kids are pure athletes and already in shape but this year have taken it to another level . Bear now works out at his lunch hour at the gym 5 days a week. Chase 3-4 times a week at a gym and hired a personal trainer with his own money and super into health and fitness and eating well  . And beauty is always working out bc of dance many days a week after school and has now said wants to add more cardio to the mix and start running with her dad 

I think the kids see how busy are lives are and how little time we have to spare but yet early mornings leave the house and come back sweaty . It has changed something in us .. In them and in our lives .
It is hard but necessary for us 
We made it happen after years and years and years of talking about it and no action .

Just do it !!