Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Ciao Bella (from Chase)

My trip in italy was very fun! I have great memories and they will stay with me forever. It was really nice to be with my parents for 10 days and we bonded alot alot alot.

At first i was scared of trying new foods so i would always take caprese salad with tomotoes and mozzarellla but near the end of the trip i started experimenting. My favourite meals were squid, smoked salmon and rocket, tagliatel of beef, and last but not least rabbitt in tomato sauce.

 The scenery was very beautiful and the amalfi coast was very nice. Some things on this trip impresseed me alot! 1. The amout of police and military in rome, like wtf how many cops does a town need to keep us safe. 2. The seaguls were hugeeeeee about 2 times bigger than at home. 3. The fact that no one is fat which i still dont understand seeing the amount of carbs they eat.

 The hotel rooms were very small which gave us harldy any privacy so I must say that taking a shower and pooping were the only alone time I had. We did alot of walking and walking and walking and I bought some new shoes for this trip which are fly and ended up being very useful. They are Nike air max travas grey and white. Althought the food was good most of the time, the breakfast were a nightmare: always the same thing, ham cheese salami sweeet croissants and yogurt with the occasional egg.

We visited many places but it is too long to talk about all of them. The girls were so hot I would definitly live in Italy. Ciao bella