Thursday, June 09, 2016

Last Few Pics and phrases from Italy Trip

Back home a few days now...
Was so sweet when we got here chase BFF was sitting on our porch eagerly waiting for him and they ran and hugged like it had been 5 years. It is so awesome to have a true BFF.
I have been so grateful for the friendships our kids are blessed to have. These two have been inseperable (except one miserable year!!!) since grade 1!

Our last day we relaxed on our patio in the sun and then went to Amalfi and took a boat tour there for an hour to another cave. Then lay on the beach for 2 hrs (aka slept) . Then went to Ravello for dinner and was served by a true Italian Mama and had the best Caprese salad on earth. Then we headed for the long 5 hr drive to Rome and slept in an airport hotel for a few short hrs and then came home!

Hubby left us eating icrecream and went up  the chairlift alone at Anna Capri

Small boat tour Amalfi

lemons everywhere!

I loved watching little kids gather and play in the plaza sqares

Unexpected beach right near our hotel (or rather 600 steps down and up!

Hubby and his Diet Coke. Content (somewhat!) and happy in this beautiful slice of paradise

Our last hotel view

Seriously can a view get any better? Walk of Gods

This was an outstanding trip with so many great memories. Was such a honour to share this experience with our eldest child