Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Own

I could get used to this.

I have always loved my cottage-but never as much as this week.
It was mine. Only mine.
And it was quiet!
 ( well somewhat barring daughter back injury and husband MIA and then my mom thinking he had a heart attack in his office and almost calling 911! )
 A normal chaotic week except ... I was not there . Nor was I on a business trip . Nor on vacation .

I was at the cottage alone . Working my ass off . And in between taking some pretty cool nature breaks 

I decided to work here alone for 4 days and nights as I never seem to have time to do the strategic and creative and innovative stuff my career demands . And it was catching up to me . I have been fortunate enough lately to have many professionals approach me and want to partner up on fairly big initiatives and I needed some time to think through it all and make decisions . Also work more on meaning and impact and what that will be for rest of 2016 and 2017 .

So I stayed at my fave place when hubby and beauty went home and will welcome them back  late tonight for the long weekend . 
It was an odd week . And most of me loves every minute of it ( maybe a bit too much ! ) it certainly proved to me that I am not the extrovert everyone assumes I am . I am thrilled with my own company . If I can work - read - create -think in peace - strategize and swim in a lake - I am happy . Throw in a cupcake or brownie here and there and I am thrilled .

So got up early most mornings and got to work straight away by the lake on the dock . Then many telecons and skpe meetings in the screened in porch . Then work and work and work . Always managed to get one kayak ride on and at least three 5 minute swims . Always stopped for two low cal meals and one healthy snack too .

Often worked until 10pm at night . Wrote some blogs . Did some texting and catching up on personal stuff . The days have been flowing in lovely ways actually . I sorta do whatever I want when I feel like it but clearly very different from vacation as have huge lists per day of work and meetings that need to get done . It's a odd experience . Then here and there I feel I need a power nap or a swim or a break or I need to sleep in or go to bed early - I just do it ! It is so odd .

After two 14 hr days I decided yesterday would be a half day . I got up and worked 7am -1:30pm and then headed out to one of my fave spots on earth : Nordic thermal baths . I have been there plenty but never by my myself and I dreamed for a long time of the day I had today . In the woods , walking on trials near waterfalls and cascades , sitting on my robe by an outside fire pit , going in the hot baths and then the super cold baths and then the minty eucalyptus wet sauna .
Lying in the dark quiet rooms in solitude . Lying in hammocks . Getting a heavenly massage . Eating my fave lunch of chicken and carmalazized onions and goat cheese sandwich with a balsamic glazed  salad .

All by myself . With a particular goal which was to plan the rest of 2016 for my business and what my focuses should be . And I got a lot done and accomplished . A lot . It was a great place to strategize and create and innovate . I felt so surrounded by nature and at peace and inspired 
 I left with a long ( but focused list ) of my big picture priorities on the business side and even a few key different things on the personal side too . 

These 4 days have been good too catch up on things I want yet rarelyr find enough time to do. Plan dates with friends , plan our upcoming 20th anniversary to make it extra special , thinking about the way in which to want to celebrate my fall 45th bday , planning a special fall family photo shoot in the leaves at the cottage , getting super caught up with my besties by text or on the phone 
And most exciting of all I am going away to
Miami for three days at my birthday in October with both my brothers !!!! 

I have always love the gift of time . And the gift of 2/3 not kids around if I am honest . It is so relaxing,, I miss them but it doesn't last long . I love not having responsibilities . Work to me has always been a bit of a pleasure and a piece of cake - it comes as naturally to me as breathing . I reached out to both boys tonight and texted them as felt like two pieces of me are missing . It felt good to get their texts back and have them share their experiences . Has also felt good to share more with beauty this week even if only by text and phone . Her brothers take up a lot of space and I am happy for her that she gets more of us and our time . She got her dad tonight to go shopping either even and used up her clothing budget on Nike clothes ! ('Ps she doesn't have a clothing budget  but the perks of being alone and shopping with dad I guess !! ) 

Today was  another big work day that started off with a phonecall about a big new contract, and then groceries at night before hubby and beauty and beauty friend comes for the three day weekend . Then I drive home Sunday night to home which I have not spent more then a few days at in the last months with all the travel to Peru and Italy and New Jersey and Miami and Toronto and cottage .

It's been an special week and a very crazy few months  but full of stuff that is flexible and wonderful and alot of hard work.This is the life I always wanted . Now I have it 
 I am so ready for so much . I can feel it in my bones . Always a great sign of excellent things to come
make time for these quarterly reviews in my career and my life.
If i were to narrow it down to one thing- I think this is what allowed the success I am experiencing.

Space. Time. Deliberate. Choices. Values. Strategy.