Monday, June 06, 2016

Prego! Prego! (by Hubby)

Prego! Prego!

One little word said twice quickly that gives the flavor of this Italian vacation!

Prego! Prego! For that amazing smoked salmon with Arugula we ate on this little street terrace in the heart of the old Rome near our Hotele Centrale.

Prego! Prego! For that amazing Taglieta of beef we ate at that other street terrace once again near our hotel in old Rome.

Prego! Prego! For the sounds and smells of the old city of Rome with its bustling streets full of people and cars and tourist and locals and buses and scooters whizzing by.

Prego! Prego! For the centuries of history at the Colosseum and the Foro Romano. Just try  to imagine what life must have been in these magnificent places two thousand years ago.

Prego! Prego! For Roma!

Prego! Prego! For Sorrento and Hotel La Vue d'Or.

Prego! Prego! For the shuttle bus in Sorrento (parking anywhere on the Amalfi coast is nothing less than a living hell!!)

Prego! Prego! For Capri and its Grotta Azzura. How beautiful can an island be? 

Prego! Prego! For Ischia and its thermal baths.

Prego! Prego! For The Amalfi Coast, its winding roads, crazy bus drivers, traffic, honking, cliffs, hairpin turns and just incredible, indescribable views that can't be explained but only experienced.

Prego! Prego! For the Sentiero degli Dei, the Walk of Gods, along the cliff high up in the mountains where you can almost touch the sky.

Prego! Prego! For that hilltop village trattoria so typical of Italian villages where most tourists don't stop but where locals enjoy their favourite food and drinks.

Prego! Prego! For walking everywhere, taking ferries, buses, funiculars and chairlifts!
Prego! Prego! For discovering all this with my Sweetheart and my big boy Chase!

Prego! Prego! For these bonding moments and great conversations over meals.

Prego! Prego! For seeing Italy through the eyes of someone who hasn't experienced it yet and will forever remember it.

Prego! Prego!
Arrivederci Roma, Arrivederci Amalfi