Friday, June 24, 2016

Sweet smell of summer

Summer ... Ah .. I am staring to taste it:)

Written 2 weeks ago

We always have a bunch of things that happen in June right before real summer starts that signal me that it is around the corner . Things like tons and tons of work around the cottage and house and tons and tons of work for our businesses .

Things like three kids in final exams and tons and tons of studying . Nightly events at the school , with activities , shows .
Never sitting around the table together and cottage time taken by errands and work and school

Then come the more fun things of June like a lot more social plans as the weather gets nicer . Visit form the CDF's and a visit from my sister in law and niece . Right before Peru for work we had CDF and right after Peru Italy and right after Italy sista and niece . It has been a whirlwind ! But a fun one .

Sista and Molly came for 4.5 days and we all had a blast . Cold weather but hikes and walks and talks and runs in the forest at cottage , nice restos , some shopping , a fun game , cooking together , napping together , sitting by the pool and swimming , Thai food , sirien food , . It was so so fun . So glad we made this happen even with my kids being in final exams and having to study about 7 hrs each day of the weekend . We managed to get some good chats and meals and family jacuzzis in there . I love my family ... We missed my bro and other niece but was great to have half of their gang here .

Bear also in June became a certified lifeguard !!! So many hours of courses and work went into this over so many years . So proud of This guy . He is also getting his  one month  counsellor certification at a great camp and will be all set for the working world .

Tonight is our official kick off to summer with our pool part bbq with three couples and all our kids . Can't believe between all the schedules this was able to happen . Short of a miracle ! And still sandwiched between final exams of course !

Today hubby and I also decided that our workout was our last for the summer at the gym . We like it a lot but need a break from routine and Early wake up and with the kids finishing school we don't need to get up at 6:30 am but can sleep until 8am most mornings and jump in the pool to relax a bit before the workday begins . We decided to give ourselves this gift for summer and take lots of walks and jog more often .

We are also having Chase leave 8 weeks ... Bear 4 and beauty 2 weeks . Will be quiet around here ! And we will all be together 8 days for vacations and some weekends here and there in August .

Chase has been off school since May and is driving me bonkers !!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will miss him for 8 weeks but will be easier than this ! He craves structure and routine and jobs and schools are good for him !!! And our relationship too ! But i complain but he is also so much fun to have around . I think i just need it in smaller doses . His summer job of 8 weeks will be good for him.

It's getting harder and harder to get the kids to the cottage . Often a fight :( I am feeling like we are entering some of the hardest years of our lives as parents and a new stage as a couple )

Then a beautiful late bday dinner for sage with childhood wonder and then luxurious spa sleepover and spa day at Trent which always signifies to me summer is near as we jump in the cold lake and swim right out to the dock and put our wet handprints on the dock and make wishes for ourselves and eachother . I convinced her to sleep over a second night and my family got there at midnight and sage and hubby got up early and had coffee together and a long run before she took the road back home

Then a gorgeous weather weekend of boating for Father's Day where we could not have asked for better weather . Bear stayed home to study and have a date . Beauty studied hours and hours at cottage with meal and chat breaks and chase hung out with us lazily on the boat all weekend . I made a great Father's Day brunch on  the dock and bear made a delicious Father's Day dinner for us and my mom that we are by the pool ( I was impressed ! )

I have decided to capitalize on my flexible work schedule and spend 4 days at cottage alone in a couple of weeks to partially work .. Partially create and brainstorm ... And partially enjoy and sleep in and kayak and powerwalk in thhe forest
And also take lots of Friday's or Monday's off with hubby or kids or friends

Then next week full work week with a trip to Nj with an interesting new project focus I am excited about ..... And then after next week ...

Summer ... Some slowing down of work for a couple of weeks I am imagining 3-4 day weeks if I end up being right ...then three delicious weeks of vacation at cottage partly alone with hubby and one all of us and one a mix of us .

I smell summer - it is just around the corner

Now I just need to slow down my work and my brain, my worries , my nagging , my thinking of the future and enjoy the sweet smells of summer . Not sure if this can happen but i sure hope it does !