Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blanket of Choice

When we purchased Trent 5 yrs ago - we truly felt lost . Lost and overwhelmed.  

We were leaving my husband's  half of a precious family cottage that has been in his family forever and rebuilt even with the help of his own two hands . Leaving memories of his deceased parents behind and years of history and shared history with his sister .
We shared with his family and brought up our kids there .
To say we were sad was an understatement. We all felt truly broken hearted 
My husband was  almost traumatized in some ways . 

But it  was time to move on . Get our own place . Cut the cords and start new history with our own family of five .We needed our own place where we could go each weekend and not share schedules and a place that we managed our way and on our own .

What became very important to us in the decorating was having many pieces and momentos of the past which we inherited when hubbys dad died and we lovingly incorporated into the new cottage .
Also adding a bunch of new things to the place that would quickly make it ours ( framed pics , digital frame , cozy balnkets , Trent engraved pillows and frames etc ...)

Our primary goal was to create memories . Keep the old ones intact and create new ones for the new place that tool about 2 years to really feel like home .

So each time over those 5 yrs that someone brings us a gift here .. We treasure it so much as creates more memories and things that belong to this cottage specifically .

My mom and her friends yearly use the cottage for 5 days and always leave a wonderful gift that is always very nautical/ cottage like and fun .It is always wrapped up with a beautiful card on the table and we eagerly open it .
Also her friend ia an incredible artist and always paints a scene of the cottage and frames it !! Such a highlight of our cottage to proudly display these works of art on our walls

So you can imagine the delight we had when my sister in law and niece came for a visit from indiana in june and brought us none other than a:

Cow blanket !!!!!

And it is funky and a bit wild and a bit crazy but by far the best thing about it and funniest is that they are a family of vegetarians ! So we laughed at the ( fake ! ) throw pattern even more and their choice of gift 

And now everyone wants that blanket specifically . We all want it to snuggle with ( even though we have many other cozy throws )
Because it was given to us and chosen for Trent .It is special . It has meaning . And feels  like we are wrapped in love each time we use it ( i have it  wrapped on me now  on this windy stormy day )

It will alwwys be part of this cottage . Never have i bought anything with an animal pattern before and  now i have my very own cow blanket that looks exactly like a cow on my  cottage couch

And we love it. It will always be part of Trent.