Saturday, July 16, 2016

Having an 18.5 yrs old son

On first night of our official vacation and childless 6 days we decide to chill at home at our pool with takeout and a movie on our outside Bali bed without a care in the world . 
The following events are true and accurate :

5pm ( chase ) hi guys I decided to come home for the evening 

5pm - ( us ) cool ! Want to have dinner with us ?

  • no thanks ! Seeing friends 
  • ps I am taking your car for the week and leaving tomorrow morning . Thanks !

7pm - I know I can't have dinner but can you pick me up at the bus anyways ?

7:30- I just have to text a few friends and then I will come outside and chat for a few mins ok ? Love you !

7:40pm - well we have chatted enough . I have to finalize my plans now . Thanks !

7:45pm - well guys plans have changed . I will stay home afterall !!!!

7:45pm - ( us ) yay!!! That is so great and we miss you and are happy to hang out with you !! What movie do you want to watch ??

7:46 pm - no mom and dad ! I invited a girl over and we are using the pool and the jacuzzi silly !!! Dad can you please put jacuzzi on for us !

Girl arrives in her bikini after chase picks her up
With our new car that he is not allowed to drive without permission 

8pm- mom and dad can you do me a favour and do this pile of laundry ? I don't have time 

8:15 - mom ... You guys can't come outside ok ? At all ! And we don't want the kitchen lights on so make sure not to eat your dinner in the kitchen ... Or the dining room 

8:30pm - mom eat your dinner in your room ok ? ( no lights )

8:45pm - mom and dad I will treat you to a nice anniversary dinner . I will not be present but I will pay - pls leave !!!

Us ... Going about our business and packing for vacation and eating ( at a table ) .. With some lights . Actively ignoring our son while washing his laundry 

1am - hear garage open and our ( new ) car driven off no txt and no telling us 

2am - we call chase. Hello wtf are you ???

2am - oh I forgot to mention I am having coffee now with mike at tims hortons !!!!

2:05 am - us - you forgot yet took our car ???

2:10 am - yes I am sooooo super sorry mom and dad . Now that I live away for the summer and do my own thing I am really not used to any rules . Or really comfortable with them anymore . Maybe after vacation we can renegotiate a few things ?

Yup !