Friday, July 08, 2016

Magical night

Magical night

I got the  three texts within hours of eachother this afternoon; before a long drive home alone

1- mom can you bring me lots of cookies and donuts when you drop beauty at camp on sunday please ???? ( bear)

2- mom actually no need to get the donuts as i will go with you to do groceries. Can  you and dad pick me up here on sunday for dinner and bring me back for lunch on monday? I need a break

Yes! Yes ! Yes!!!

2 hrs later ..

3- mommy- surprise ! I am on my way home and decided to come home and stay with matthieu  this weekend. Want to have dinner? ( chase )

Yes !!! Yes! Yes!!!

So just like that this rainy weekend brigtned. Not only will we get to see one of our boys but two of our boys! With our girl !!!  We felt like we won the lottery

Chase came home and we whipped him into our arms and could not let go. We took beauty and her bff and chase to basha and watched chase gulp down the food as he said it was the yummiest healthiest thing he ate in a long time . His dad and i kept hugging him in the food line and the woman next to us said " how long has he been away for university ??"

Lol! Away for summer job and only two weeks . We all laughed

We , and the girls and chase had such a great time at that dinner - talking and laughing and sharing and enjoying.

We got home and chase asked if we could drive him and his bff to a party downtown and he was surprised when we said yes !  Then his bff came over and ran to me for a big hug and said it had been too long ( also two weeks! ) then when i was saying bye to chase for the evening and gave him a huge hug for the night- his bff waitied patiently and then said " me too ! I miss my adopted mommy"


Also the pivotal  unforgettable magical magical moment of the evening was when chase walked in the door and we scremed and ran to him and hugged him hard . His dad and i both . Then beauty walks in and says " what about me ???" And runs runs runs into chase's arms !!! And then looks at all of our shocked faces and said " well of course !!! I have not seen him in two weeks !!!"

This may sound normal to some but it is not for beauty. Not at all . It was one of the top five moments of my life by far . For real. It gave me so much hope and also made me so proud.

This was an amazing night. Chase is having the time of his life as a extreme downhill biking instructor fro the second year in a row as a monitor . He loves it there . So what if tonight he is coming home later than 4 am ?

I love watching them grow . Adore it. Although such a hard age in so many ways and on most days , i am so looking forwa to the next years watching them become adults . Leaving and coming home. Leaving and coming home. I love it.

Onto sunday where we drop off one girl for two weeks and pick up one son for 17 hrs . We cant wait

Being a parent is so incredibly hard and so incredibly beautiful

I would not trade it for anything