Sunday, July 31, 2016

Things i am loving about our kids lately  (written  a week ago so who knows how I feel now??? Or next week after our family holiday??
I want to remember these things  about our kids that are right here and right now When iam focused and present i notice them more and appreciate them more too ( aka when i am not on my phone all the time and on vacation with no work awaiting )Ask anyone - my kids on a good  day annoy and irritate me ( sounds of laughter get on my nerves even ! ) yup mother award of the year eh ? But here and there i find them all extremely lovable :)

They were all together here for weekend and now just beauty and us and then all of us soon for the family vacation week.

Beauty :
- when we picked her up from camp ... I saw her yet again as the person she is to peers . Outgoing , so so charming , super coveted and popular , shining , affectionate, connected and also cool as a cucumber in her sunglasses and nike hat and ripped jeans and cool shoes . Everyone seems to want to be near here ( boys and girls of all ages and the staff love here too ) and she basks in this glory of her popularity.Our theory? She is truly an introvert who has made the decision to be an extravert around peers- which by the time she comes home she inhabits her more natural habitat with family.Still always an incredible experience to see her this way in big groups 

- when we watched a movie and said what would you do if a boy tried to kiss you in that way ( Wanting her to say i would push him off ! ) and she puts her arm up in air and in a little girl soft voice says " ya ya ya! "

- she us baby-sitting most days of this summer when in city and is so good at iand takes it so seriously . The kids love her and she loves getting the money . She has a great work ethic
- spending the day at the spa with my girl the two of us . Felt so good - just like on vacation . Great talks about career and life and choices . Outside massages in the rain and the dark room scary. Hot and cold baths and beanbag books . Laughing and beingtogether . Such precious rare moments that i want to occur more and more often

- we look at our girl and see such true beauty inside and out . A flower blooming before our eyes . I still love watching her as she sleeps with her soft skin and full lips wearing her little reading glasses 


Sweet sweet boy ( lately ! ) a whole other post on his accomplishments as a now federally certified camp counsellor and his 4 week certification where he scored top of his class at 96 percent ! And they hired him on the spot as the lifeguard and pool animator right then and there :)

- he is changing and maturing . If he were not so stubborn and hard headed most of the time - he would be sooooo easy to raise . Listens to rules , respects them and us , tells the truth ( even when we don’t want to hear it - Instagram pics in a Jacuzzi with a beer in hand ! )

- love his values and ethics and how responsible he is and how adored by his camperswho look up to him in so many ways as their role model . He takes his life and riles andresponsibilities so seriously . He loves working and can’t wait to be back in a week

- such a good catch with the ladies . Went on a date yesterday and love how he anticipates it and gets his hair cut for her . Loves how when his siblings walk in the door he immediately introduces them to the new girl in our house
- loves his mommy and snuggling. He is so tall now ( 5"10 .5 ) and love when we walk together he puts his hands around my shoulder and the kids all call me "naine " ( dwarf inenglish )

- not the same person he left as for his 8 week dirt bike instructor job . Truly a young man living his own life on his own .
Does so well with structure and school and now working away for 8 weeks . Also loves work and craves more

- badly sprained his wrist and by himself in bromont drove himself to hospital and waiting all night . Medical clinics in cities fat awY , xrays etc . Impressive all alone .Three days later was back at hospital with one of his " kids " who needed stiches and spent another night at hospital 

- love the texts we randomly get from him about life and his views on the patheticmedical system , or the costs of things in this society, or the state of the usa . He is veryvery clearly asserting his independence and overall doing a great job ! ( besides being really annoying while doing it )

- so in his element of what he is doing right bow . Grown up so much and so deeplyproud of who he is . So very different than us in so many ways and so uniquely his own person

All in all having teens in so difficult and irritating so much of the time and alienating and crazy often ..... but man oh man do I love our offspring.
I seriously  each day look at them in awe and wonder and feel soexcited to see their lives unfold