Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Social Lives

I always forget how social and busy the week before school begins is for the kids . It's like a constant stream of friends in the house , parties , events . It is never ending and all about friends with school beginning next Thursday for 2 and this Monday for 1.

And tonight chase comes back home after 7 weeks living away . He will have his own stream of social events . Last night we did beauty's August pool party instead of a bday party in December at her real bday and had 21 teens here both girls and boys . Real teens now but still young enough that we don't need to worry about  kids sneaking in alcohol etc which makes it all so much more fun . They were all in pool and dancing and singing and watching Olympics. Laughing , flirting and being young . Cool to see 

Through it all the girl Bear is seeing came to meet us . What a sweetie and. A beautiful girl .
Then at 11:30pm after she left her had three other friends come over . Beauty had 6 friends stay over and we made Bear stay up and kick the last few boys here watching a movie out ! It is so hard to keep up with all these teens - we are too tired and just kept falling asleep . Thank goodness Bear lifeguarded for us . A whole new world for Beauty now with a big fresh gang of highschool friends and party after party but like I said the easy type where they are still young . 

Another one tonight where they all are together .

And another one that passed on Wednesday night at a fancy restaurant one of the dads own and she asked to wear my heels !

Where is my baby ??

It has been a fun summer . Different and relaxing in so many ways as less kids but busy too as we try to get an hour here with each for dinner if they come back into town for a night so lots of far away driving and changing schedules constantly and adapting . This is really it . We are there . All three working all summer has really changed things of course considerably . Their work schedules are the priority now and their social lives front and center.

Lots of boy interest going on for Beauty too which is new but normal at almost 15yrs old . Trying to fend it off longer and for as long as we can but even cottage boys inviting her now to surf in boats and go carting . A new world is opening up for her that is also unknown to us as a parent of our first teen girl . We would like that she not date until 16 yrs old; lets see if we can do that!

I do have to say that although I think teen girls are harder than boy teens ( at least mine is !! ) I just love it . When I so desperately wanted a girl this is what I dreamed up : a truck full of girls to drive , the shopping , the talking about boys , the hair , the clothes , the music, the dancing . All the girl stuff I loved so much as a teen myself . Was fun being a mom to a daughter when she was little but way more fun now as she grows up . Especially when her friends are around as they talk so much more to me than she does !

School is gearing up and kids are enjoying the last days of summer although with friends and not us . We miss them but we understand . We grab them for a  quick lap in the pool or a quick dinner here and there but we are largely alone much of the time too .

It all makes for ... Different !!!

I am glad I have so much work stuff in the fall to focus on . I am glad I have this big career life outside of my kids as if i did not .. Man would I bet lonely and let down by this point ! I am already scheduled for Russia and Miami and Chicago with  hopefully lots more to come.

Summer has been wonderful and kinda dreading Monday morning and then Thursday morning when school schedules seep back in. Can’t say our kids have been couch potatoes this summer!!!