Monday, October 31, 2016

Prductive Sorting and Preparing

This was a strange weekend . There are always at least 4-6 of them like this a year when the goal has nothing to do with relaxing or leisure or sleeping in or seeing friends etc ... But just pure darn damn housework 

Nothing that can be delegated or done by anyone else but you . In your stuff . Your clothes . Your office etc . And while I do this - hubby does all the outside stuff and season transitions which is no easy job . And both of these things need to happen at home and at the cottage . It's certainly not the upside of our year that is for sure. 
That being said there is a certain feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment in getting things done and organized and sorted that nothing else really compares to. A feeling of satisfaction and that as we throw old stuff out we make room for the new stuff inside of us .

I tackled my " novartis " boxes that I have left in my garage for two years now ( there I finally named the company I worked at for 12 yrs ! How liberating ! ) File after file and keepsakes of a beautiful 12 yr career . I thought I would be in tears . I was not . I felt full of pride as I realized how far I have come in the last two years . I have truly created a beautiful career for myself with so much more to come . As I read my old assessments from my management career I realized how much better I know myself professionally than I did back then . And also how much more of what I love doing is in my current career . If I were to ever go back there or anywhere in the corporate world ( which could very well happen at one point as I adored to much about it )I would be launching from a very very different place . I loved so many things about that 12 yr career ... I feel (like so many others who have worked in this place and industry) in so many way it equals a Harvard MBA education. It was the launching pad of so much success for me . 

It felt good to reopen the boxes and then throw out a bunch of stuff and recycle a Bunch too for my new life .

And preparation was also a key this weekend . Looking forward and not back . We visited Chases's  top choice for university and this was so impressive . The school , the program ... Chase !!
I saw a side of him I have know and seen a bit but at this openhouse really saw take shape and emerge . The boy we have raised .. The young man we live with .. The career man he will become .. His passion .. His interests 
I don't know what impressed me more . The school or our son making the best of this openhouse . It felt like every fruit of our labor came true yesterday . I saw him through a completely different Lense . This is no little boy anymore 

When we got home he pulled me aside to talk about how excited and motivated he is to go there . And it is not guaranteed in the least as its a hard school to get in .. Much harder than I had anticipated to the program he is after which is a three year intensive ( summers too ) co-op paid stages program in the school of business

If this program existed when I was his age I would have eaten it up . I am impressed .
I am so thankful for the quality universities we have right here in our city of Montreal and that our kids have the choice to stay home and still stand phenomenal universities . That they have the choice of French or English and so many selections . 

Chase is too . His choice is made ! And he said he definitely  wants to live at home and said that he thought a lot about it as he visited other universities Further away .. He said that living at home if he is in this particular program would be the perfect fit for him and that we call get along so well and that his life is really good here and that we are all very cool together 

I agree . 

Now he just has to work his butt off for the next number of months to ensure his spot and we can move ahead with this next milestone . Neither he nor his dad nor  I could imagine a better fit for where he wants to go in life . This university and this program are perfect for him 
Let's see if he will be given that opportunity ( I think so as has a very good grade point average but just a bit more than their criteria but lots and lots of applications .. He Sits on student government for cegep .. Has hundreds of volenteer hours and has had 4 very relevant and responsible jobs thus far )

And with Bear last weekend choosing his cegep program . So sure of his passion in sciences and medicine and dentistry and anything complex that he has to work so hard to achieve . So confident and sure of himself and his choices . He didn't surprise me as much as he has always been like this but it was a highlight of my year to share that afternoon with bear at my alumni cegep . I felt so proud of my boy ( a separate post on this to come )

So this weekend was productive and also preparing . Two of my favorite words
And if I can't be lying on a beach , or reading a book , or sleeping , or sitting in a boat in the sun ... These are two of my fave things to do in life 
Be productive 
And be prepared
And have a good fun time doing both ! and in the hopes that once it is done I can sleep more , read more and relax more!