Friday, October 21, 2016

Sibling Get-Away!

written sunday and pics to be added. sorry for typos -can't find a single moment this week to write this properly but so important I record these memories

I am having the best weekend ever . In Miami South beach with my amazing brother . What a treat 

We planned this a number of months ago with all three of us ( I have two brothers ) and was a sibling getaway reunion of sorts but we found out later summer  that our Eldest brother chose not to join in . 
We decided to go just the two of us and I am so glad we did . We had an amazing time !!!

My bro and I have always been close . This trip reminded me a lot of my young adolescence as we always like to hang out together . We are 4 yrs apart but spent quite a good amount of time together making up dances from Greece , going for walks , going to black cat for comics and candy and pinball , trying out jogging , recording piano and singing , building blanket and forts  and sharing social times in lake George are a few of my fave memories .

This weekend felt a lot like that . It was super sweet . We stayed at the gorgeous Shore Club hotel on Miami beach and could not have asked for a better hotel . Rooms were excellent and modern with the best stand in showers and peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner and rum soap . I took two showers a day 

The pool area was one of nicest I have ever seen and I have seen a lot . Gorgeous beach with cozy chairs and great service . Fabulous little lounge and bar areas with huge Bali beds and candles lit at night and multi-coloured pillows . A gorgeous meditaranien    theme . I would recommend this hotel to all and I will certainly be coming back one day myself . The Shore club  is a must if you are in Miami beach 

My brother and I are huge foodies . We love all sorts of different cool foods and Miami did not disappoint ! Every meal was carefully selected and all of it was incredibly yummy . Our last night out for dinner was one of best meal I have  ever had in my life at a topnotch meditaranien  place we treated ourselves too . Also had amazing Italian and Cuban food as my bro knows the good places 

We walked a lot , and biked on Bordwalk , played in the waves , Swan and read , ate great food , did some shopping , visited Holocaust memorial and botanical gardens and ended with a great walk on the beach 
We spent most of our time together but also had separate rooms and some time alone  too and got some work done . A perfect mix and we are similar in our pace and choices of how to spend time . Really relaxing bonding long weekend with so many great conversations ( and food ! )
Super weather  for the most part too ! And a beautiful rainstorm that I loved hearing and seeing 

My brother is leaving much earlier than I am today as I had scheduled a later flight to be able to spend some more time with my other brother ( who never came ! ) . Feels sad I will miss the arrival of the Peru team at airport . Will be the kids picking up hubby and hearing all the stories . I get home at midnight . I had my alone day all planned out here - lots of beach and reading and some shopping but it looks like is raining here most the day :( My brother and I got up early for breakfast and a long walk on beach but the weather is not permitting . Sometimes it is hard not to be convinced that weather doesn't matter ! It sucks when in rains on a beach trip . I am so thanksful that the first part of our vacation together was such lovely weather .

While hubby finished off his trek in Peru I was here . And this was definitely good for me . I had time to get away on my own  for my own little adventure .. And feel my feelings .. And think about what they meant . I had time to connect to my husband through my thought even though we are so separate at this time . It was excellent  for me to get away this weekend with another man I truly love .

I am so grateful  for my brother . He is a precious gift in my life and our relationship together is really important in my life and I depend on our texting and conversations a lot . We may live in different countries but manage to get our families together often and stay very close and connected sometimes many times a week .Hubby and I saw them
In Seville last year ! And had a trip To Indiana with a couple of the kids . My sista and one niece same to cottage a couple of months ago . I lucked out on my brother that is clear .

Was a fabulous weekend . Back at midnight tonight and then hubby and I taking morning off together . I can't wait ! Then work on the afternoon and then I leave yet again for another business trip . Chicago this time ... 
October has not been a month where as a couple we are spending much time together . We will make up for it in Turks and Caicos in November on our 10 day vacation where our friends will join us for half !

This was an amazing weekend . I am so happy that my brother and I made this a priority in our busy lives to spend this time together at the beautiful Shore Club  hotel in South Beach . Prioritizing this time and spending it together make special memories . I am so glad we did this .

And the kindness of strangers made it all even sweeter . I was told could buy food on plane so didn't eat since lunch . Pretzels ? Really ? . The sweet man next to me offered me his tuna sandwich . Now kind !!  ( ps Tina makes me barf ) Him and his adopted son were so cute holding hands . Made my heart melt . Lately have been a few instances with strangers that they are so kind to me 

And a fancy dinner and welcome back home for hubby going on without me . All three kids picked him up at airport and he said were super hosts ! They made a roasted chicken, homemade tabouli , angel cake , and potatoes . Wow !! I am impressed . As sad as I was not to be there after Peru welcome home it was a great opportunity for kids to use their hosting behaviours and manners with no guidance from and adult . Chase even insisted on picking up chicken same day fresh and buying a thermometer for cooking to make sure it was ready . 

And hubby staying up until midnight to meet my plane and we are staying in bed all morning talking and cuddling :) before I have to leave to Chicago for work !! Again !