Friday, October 07, 2016

The Adventure of Macchu Pichu Begins!

The group

Trekking in prep in Stowe

At the beginning of 2016 hubby and I got an email from the highschool saying that they were organizing a trip to Peru for parents who were interested in a 10 day Peru and Machu Pichu trip 
When I saw that email I new this would be perfect for hubby 
Within minutes without even seeing my Emil  suggestion he had also written me saying " do you think I should do this ? ??"

Fast forward 10 months later and he leaves in a few hrs to Peru for the trip of his lifetime 

At the airport yesterday

Completely 100 percent out of his mental and social and physical comfort zone .

But we both knew this was still perfect for him for so many reasons . 
In his fundraising campaign for the school ( he pays his trip etc of course ) he wrote such a beautiful email to his family , colleagues and friends and his reasons for wanting to do this trek . Right up there was to show his kids in action how to put yourself out of comfort zone completely , to show beauty who has worn a body brace for almost 3 yrs now that he wanted to share in some small way her discomfort .. And that this was a personal journey and transformation for him .

My husband has been on a very deep personal transformation over the last few years and has completely changed his life , the way he deals with stress especially  , his commitment to health  and fitness and his habits and his overall lifestyle . He has given up a lot and gained a lot too . This trek is important to him on many deep levels .

He is petrified and has barely slept the last few days but is equally excited . He woke up this morning in a sweat and gathered me in his arms proclaiming his love and how much he will miss ( he always seems to adore me more when we are apart lol ! )

He felt so supported by all the emails and generosity from the fund raising . He has never done anything like this and touched us both tremendously to see our loved ones touched by his journey he is taking 

Beauty is on a school trip this week so he said his goodbyes to his little girl earlier this week . Last night the two boys came in bed and snuggles with their dad and I 
I will always keep the picture of him holding them close , these two almost men in his arms telling them what to do if ever he died ( overly anxious and dramatic are we ??? )

All he kept saying was " take care of your mommy " over and over and over . I kept telling him I would take care of them but he kept repeating . I think the kids saw how much their dad loves their mom . It was a very tender moment for me . I will hold that picture inside of me for a very long time 

Bear left him a ribbon this morning on his coffee maker for his trek bag . And chase a note with some biodegradable bum wipes ! I thought so sweet they did this especially since not a word from me and and all their doing . Made me very proud of who they have become as young men.

What waits at home

Nerves are high and on edge . This may not seem big to all but it is huge for him. We both coincidentally had to be at the airport for 2pm so shared a taxi together . I got to meet the 9 people he is trekking and travelling with and they seemed really nice and welcoming . It felt good- but also a odd for me as he will be in such close proximity with this group for 10days and sharing such a beautiful experience - without me . As we all know part of really loving someone is however setting them free  

My protector is going away . For himself . All him . All about him . Claiming what rightfully belongs to him . Discovering the full landscape of his life 
And I am in full and utter support of his journey and whatever he discovers . With full confidence and just a bit of trepidation and fear  .

Me and my own adventure

We have come a long long way . I am feeling so scared in many ways for different reasons, but also so happy for him. My happiness outweighs my fear right now. this is my gift to many people i am meeting are saying "he is going alone on an expensive trip for 10 days???" Yes he is. He said didn't feel comfortable me going on a trip alone last year (so I took our daughter) but for some reason I feel comfortable him going on a trip alone? Odd.. I know.Sometimes life can be surprising

What is comforting me now is keeping my mind on the cottage

I love your forever and a day my darling fiercely and forever . I know you will come home to us safe and happy . And very very very proud of yourself 

I am looking forward to so many other adventures in our lives -  as a couple- their are so many cool adventures out in the world to discover and so much life that awaits us. 

Goodbye!!! (both different flights at airport)

safely back home from almost hurricane  atlanta and ready to take on the next 10 days as a single mommy! The fun  has already begun with chauffering and errands right off the plane!