Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sharing Life Together

Sharing it all Together

( i will do a post with many pics when back home )

Sister Savvy and Mr yucca joined us for 5 days in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Was a first for us to travel with friends on a beach vacation . It was very very fun
We always watch so many other people on vacations with friends and always wondered if we would like it . We do ! ( well with these friends anyways ! )
Was the perfect amount of time for us as half vacation we are alone and half with our buddies

As my bday gift my Hubby got an extra room at the condo we  rented for 4 nights . It is such a beautiful condo right on the beach and was super fun to share it . We have been to the same condo for the last 10 yrs that a client of hubby owned and we got a super deal on . This one we found once he sold . We are overall very satisfied and not missing the old one as much as we predicated we would . Our friends being here made it even more special of course

Moments to remember :

Yucca card game !!!!! We played cards ! Two times!!

Me peeing my pants out of laughter while playing cards

Savvy literally running away from cards to the beach in the rain

How seriously the boys took cards
How much we won cards
How calm mr yucca is explaining the rules and all of us giggling

The waitress who asked " i dont think i should ask this but why dont u drink ???"

Me wanting Savvy to give weird waitress her sparkly selfie stick ( before she messsed up )

Weird waitress in general . And weird silent pool boy

Hubby saying was too hard to text me to ask if we had travel insurance ( had to be there ! )

Crappy calamari

Yucca  trying to figure out the complexities of my crazy food fears

Keylime pie

Sunsets and jacuzzi at the Palms

Somehere cafe

Turks kabob curry sandwiches and leftover falafel

Strawberry crunch ice creams


Lots and lots of diet coke

Walks on the beach in the dark

Swimming in the pristine water

Talking about our combined 8 kids

Best custard hot fresh donuts ever

Live on skinny mirror!!

Me forcing everyone to do a photoshoot and them feeling annoyed but then grateful :)

Me being known by name at front desk ( maybe not in a good way ? )

Real estate and medical marajuna richness ideas

Us sitting on the coattails of our friends very smart money and real estate brains

Savvy being scared by the romance novel i lent her

Sleeping in ! Sun ! Beach !

Screw PG !! Hahah

Lovely friendships and memories for a lifetime

I wish they didn't take the great weather and sun home with them though . Two days now of quite horrible windy rainy weather . I pray for some sun tomorrow for our last day !!!