Sunday, November 06, 2016

What Makes up a Best Day?

When I give seminars and workshops on life work integration or boundaries and balance - we often do an exercise called “Best Days and Worst Days”
 To me- it so important to know what actions, decisions and feelings are necessary to make a day stand out as extraordinary.

Today was a definite best day for me. I want to record and remember it.

Why was it the best?

We were all 5 together and had been more than 5 weeks we had not been at cottage together 

We actually had a Friday night together as of 9pm after hip hop and went to pick up Beauty for a Thai express dinner and fun drive to cottage with lots of cool conversations  (we never have Friday nights together)

We all slept in today 

We went door a great lunch at our old family cottage that we used to share and spent time with hubby’s sis and bro-in- law 

That cottage holds so many precious memories for our kids and each time they visit they run from room to room looking for new stuff that has changed. They talk about all their childhood memories. All the smells and the sounds. The nature, the lake, the furniture. All of it. Makes me feel that it was all so so worth it those weekends packing and unpacking with three little kids . Warms my heart to know they still get to visit and is part of their legacy of memories 

Us and our great extended family

Us at LDF but with kids taller than me!

Lunch at LDF was just so fun and simple and cottagy with our toast on the wood burning stove, the walk to the stream and the open space all together 

The happiness and closeness of all three kids. They don’t just like each other- they adore each other (on best days anyways!) Seeing them laugh on the sofa and hug and cuddle just like when they were little. Three little bears

One thing I can say about our kids -they are very affectionate and have never lost that with age. Beauty sometimes not but sometimes yes. She has always been showered with hugs and cuddles from her two brothers whether she likes it or not!

Cant believe he is almost 19! I remember him as a little tiny guy on this balcony in a diaper riding his red truck around and around

Seeing Hubby share Peru with his family. Seeing how interested and proud they were of him 

Feeling the closeness of my children. The inside jokes they share with me, the looks and smiles we share, the affection and understanding. Seeing what we have grown together 

The love of cottage life a shared passion for all 5 (well maybe 4 but she still likes it a lot but doesn’t dare admit it!)

The comments that both boys made that they felt sad that their adult cousins did not come to dinner weekly with their own parents. Making it clear to us they share the same visions of their futures as we do and staying close and connected on a weekly basis.(lets see id they actually stick to that!)

The great conversations in the car and the debates 

Not getting killed as we came an inch from running over a deer on the highway!

Getting to our own cottage and all sitting and reading or texting or blogging or watching movies by the big fire

We love our old cottage-but we love our new one too. Especially tonight when it looked like this on the lake!!!

Bear coming and declaring that he was going to be volunteering in medical clinic, hospitals or dentist clinics. Out of the blue. And asking me that moment to compose the emails with him to reach these opportunities 

Seeing how polite and kind and interesting all three kids are with other adults. And being so proud of how they have grown up. When with us they often don’t show this side-but with others adults it is clear as day 

Feeling like we did something right (as often we feel we did it all wrong) feeling like the way we raised our kids was good. And feeling good we didn’t impose things on them often, but that they still came to their own decisions about great stuff like being motivated in school and volunteering etc. . They are three good eggs 

And all of this made possible by?? No phones today at the cottage!!!!!
 This was a best day. Don’t come around too often but when they do I savor every single moment

(I need to post these one the same day I write them. Already it is Sunday evening less than 24 hrs later and it is not the best day anymore! Full of cleaning and organizing and tons of hard work and the kids are hyper and agitated and screaming and swearing all over the place!!!)

oh well it was great while it lasted:)