Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chase turns 19!

Chase turn 19!!

My new years eve baby is a young man now . For years we have been suggesting he move his bday celebrations to may 31 as sucks for him to have all his gidts right after xmas ans he agreed this year 

So simple bumps last night at midnight and cuddles and song in bed to wake him up and the 19 things we all love best about him. A brunch out on the 4 by 4 and just love ... simplicity. What he loves . Especially a cuddle with his sister :)

How he occurs to me at 19

  • family guy through and through . I suggested yesterday that maybe he would want just him and his dad at brunch and he looked at me like i was crazy and said " no i love my family . I want my  whole family there "

  • he is so determined and perseverent . Took himself from a kid who had good marks in sec 3 and struggled in math to an honor student in cegep in the 90's on all things math and calculas and economics and linear . All bc of committed hard work !!

  • he loves his mommy :)))) always been a mama boy and tells me everyday . We can fight but we make up within hours. He is soooooo much like me it scares me ! 

  • he is funny . Like super super funny and makes everyone laugh all the time . Adults especially

  • he is not afraid of who he is . Honest and transperent . Cries .. laughs .. shares feelings . Talks about stuff to us all that most 19 yr okd boys wouldn't dare speak of to their parents . Authentic should be his middle name 

  • constantly strives to be better in school and business and has laser focus when he wants something ( like jmsb ! ) for a guy with very high level of adhd this is no small win

  • resilient. Had a hard time this vacation with love life and is still able to hold love highly in his heart but move on gracefully for his own sake in his own time. This is a guy that is literally a chick magnet as he has it all . The looks and the smarts and the drive and also the compassion and love and kindness and a wondeful spirit and life . There will be many woman in his life just waiting for him to be free . The one ends up with him forever is the luckiest girl ever 

  • he is an incredible brother . Can be very bossy and sometimes even a bully but mostly just so full of love and looks out for them all the time like a parent . Especially his sister who can really treat him unkindly ( and the rare time very kindly ) but he persists and looks out for them both all the time . And annoys the hell out of them very very often too . ( like taking all the clothes out of their drawers randomly and throwing them on the floor while they are studying is not a good quality at all ! )

  • he loves his parents and shows and tells us all the time in words and in action too . All the time . 

  • he listens to rules and negotiates and discuses vs defies them . We come to a middle ground . He respects us and we respect him 

  • He is gorgeous and stylish . Always had this easy look and style that everywhere we go draws attention. Not a week goes by that someone doesnt tell me how charning he is and how gorgeous his green eyes and dark hair . Often now is is older woman !

  • He is the food and excercise guru in our home and keeps us all on track . Funny thing is he goes through phases himself of ignoring his own advice  !!!! But the rest of us stay on track when it is not vacation 

  • he and bear are bffs . They fight ( oh god they fight ) but they adore eachother and do stuff together and love eachother to the core . I never ever thought would have two boys so different yet so incredibly close and attached 

  • he will be an incredible business man or finance guy or entrepreneur. Can see already he will be extremely successful in terms of career. At xmas party everyone was commenting about it as the conversations he has with adults is pretty amazing . Reminds me of savvys stepson gabe in that way . Can talk up a room and have everyone listening from a very early age . Its a gift 

  • Is an amazing help in our home when he wants to be . Has been driving motor vehicles and boats since very little . Now those skills have translated into a great driver and he helps me alot with the kids and errands and driving

  • always meets new people . Has a bff for years and lots of friends and always making more friends . Isn't the type to dwell on stuff . Feels alot and moves on with grace . Probably one of the most mentally strong  young people i know 

  • just overall good amazing 19 yr old guy . On certain days ( many ! ) he drives me crazy but most days he is just a total pleasure. I am so happy his first choice of university is in Montreal. We are nowhere near to being able to say goodbye to this guy and have so much fun in pur house with him around . When he is not hyper it is like being with another adult and we love it 

Guests about to arrive for a big new year party at cottage . Boys just left for home for their new years parties . 
December 31 is one of my fave days of the year . We just had an amazing family brunch out and was so wonderful and fun .
I love that my baby was born on this day . Because he was my first i would consider it as the best day of my life ( with two other best days not long after )
He changed my life in the most amazing way and every day i learn from him and want to be better bc of him 

Love you so much chase !!!!