Monday, December 19, 2016

She Always Amazes Me

When I watch her dance .
It's like a flower blossoming 
Like black magic 
Like a beautiful symphony 

She is so incredibly talented 
And so incredibly happy when she dances 

Last night was the first mid year show of the new competition  team Beauty joined in sept for hip hop in Montreal . Completely separate and in Addition to the dance program she is involved in as her program at school 

It is a huge commitment as already her almost professional dance program at school is demanding throughout the day and most days Afterschool . Add two evenings of hip hop to this at a different location and many weekends days and evenings on weekends and you have a very full schedule 

Probably not the best idea for a girl who is struggling right now in school ? Or how is not overly committed to academics ?Not as connected to home life and family ?
My head often says no 
My heart mostly says yes 
I listen to my heart in this one 

Simply put : it's her thing 
She comes alive because of dance 
She is one with dance 
Dance is her 
I am not sure she would be her .. Without it all at this high level 

Especially hip hop 

Beauty does all kinds of dance from classical ballet , to jazz , to folklore to salsa and to the one they do on Spain that I forget the name of .  She is great at all kinds of dance And much more 
Hip hop though is where I see it is her thing . Completely and definitely . A pure and innate and natural talent 

Each time I watch a show I am amazed 

Was great day yesterday to just be at home after such a long exhausting and excruciating week of business travel and stomach flu combined . Did the tree and turkey stuffing and delicious new recipe for short team cookies and Christmas cards .( well the cooking part maybe hubby did and I helped and made our Xmas cards ? )
Had dinner with all the boys and chase sweet girlfriend who came to eat and show with us . Such a great girl and fun to chat with her and have another girl around too .
Sunday was a great day after a hellish week .
Thank goodness for the weekends to relax and rejuvenate and to connect with the people we love 

And to watch our talented dancing daughter in her element.
Each time I watch her it is a journey 
Each time she dances like that -we discover her deeply