Monday, December 19, 2016

Shining the Hot Water

Everywhere I go this month I am hearing about shining the light ... Shining goodness on others etc 
Some in a very religious way using Jesus as a reason to do so and some in not so religious way just bc December is a good month to spread our goodwill and cheer 

Although it has always seemed odd to me to focus on shining light specially one one month of the year - I still love the concept of shining our goodness and light ( all months of the year )
So today instead of shining my light I tried to shine  and will the hot water 

In a very very frustrating situation ...

Let's say you have plans for a really special dinner at a friend's place that was already cancelled a couple of weeks ago . And you have rallied all the kids and made them come . And they finally agreed as they know they will have a great time when they are there so cancel and alter all their plans 
And then that dinner gets cancelled for the second some bc the hosts are sick 

Well you also had a hair appt that you had specifically put that same day as why not look nice since you need your haircut and color anyways ?

Well Let's say that after the hair appt the hairdresser who is supposed to like you after 20 yrs breaks it to you that there is no more hot water left and that the water heater is broken 

And then you go to a sink 

And along with what seems hundreds of other clients have your hair " washed "
With totally frigid water ( and ps is already -40 outside ) and partially boiling hot water from their coffee machine . 
And then when it is " complete " your head is full of soap and dripping and itching all over as it is not rinsed 

And then to get more soap out the hair the assistant asks another hair assistant to help  her with the rubbing and bucket and by accident they pour the bucket of water all over your face and sweater 

Many clients in this same situation were deeply affected and swearing and crying as color stayed in too long and wrong color hair etc . It was chaos there 

(And ps this is a hugely upscale salon )

In my head I was choosing my reaction and pondering on it 
And I chose the be the light 
And to chose to forgive this mess 

The assistants all had different reactions to this situation which was very interesting to observe . Some were telling clients that they were walking out and quitting as they could not believe the salon was still taking clients with no hot water . Others were fetching coffee and tea hot water for their buckets . Others were giving extra long head massages to try and calm their clients down . Others just looked in shock 

My one was fairly neutral but helpful and professional enough 19 yr old girl  . When she poured the bucket of water on me she felt really bad 

And so I decided to give her a huge tip . She looked shocked . I doubt she was expecting any tip from anyone at all . And I looked this 19
Yrs old girl on the eye and took her hand and said "
You did the best you could . "It's not your fault and you handled this situation in the best way you could . Good for you . Hopefully this tip will give you the energy to keep on going "

And she looked at me ( the light ) totally bewildered and then had tears in her eyes that started dropping down her face and she smiled 

And I truly felt so good 
And like the light 
I felt like a million bucks 
And so did she 

So I never did have my fancy blow-dry given that I had to go home and shower anyways and rinse soap out of my hair . And I never did have that special dinner to look good for anyways 
But what I did have ? Was pride . In myself .

The only way to describe it - is that I felt intact . Within a bit of a crazy world ( aka trump )

And I bet she felt intact too . And shines upon . 

And I bet if I was religious Jesus would have been inpressed too l

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