Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spontaneous Fun

Sometimes I do it 
And when I do It I love it 

Like today . Hubby and I set alarms 2 hrs later and told the kids to take the bus . We slept until 8am and read in bed until 10am . 
Then I looked  outside at the beautiful falling snow and mild temperatures and put in my favorite hat and coat and walked to a restorative yoga class and relaxed and almost fell asleep In most poses 

Then I decided to completely forget about my long list of things to do today for work ( no meetings but lots of work to produce ) and I texted chase who is off school now 

He came and picked me up and we went to a fancier Thai resto . Then decided to go get a last minute Xmas gift for beauty . Then went to my favorite store ever - chapters and we each got two books . Was a miracle to see chase choose two books he is excited about reading . My dream come true . I didn't care how expensive they were - was just so happy to see him want to read !

So I dumped worked and all the long list of stuff I still have to get done before having 26 people over in less than 48 hrs - and opted to spend a great afternoon with my  eldest son .
It was seriously amazing . We had great laughs and great conversations and I learned so much about this boy I get to call mine 

Most importantly we both agreed that pad Thai without lime  is just not nearly as good as with lime 

Days like this make me so thankful not to have a corporate job or a boss . And also make me thankful that I am as organized as I am and have all the gifts wrapped and ready to go many days ahead and not part of the last minute Christmas frenzy 

I love you so Chase . I honestly feel so honoured to be your mom