Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I can't wish you Happy Birthday this year

Some birthdays are better than others . 
Some are a wonderful
Others are desperately hard
Some are painfully hard yet have moments of ridiculously beautiful all mixed in one
Was such a break to have the beautiful time for those few hrs 
To just forget and be together

2017 can only get better at this point..... At least that is a comfort

We all have our story

Declaring your TRUST is not a guarantee that everything will work out the way you want however the fact that you actually declare your TRUST means from this moment forward (  try your very hardest ) to forgive you for any wrong doing in the past, and trust you going forward. 

The other person now has to step into your TRUST as well and be who he or she needs to be and do what he  or she needs to do to honor that privilege of TRUST that you bestowed him or her 

To say you are partners in life and having never given your TRUST means something was missing to elevate the relationship to a TRUSTED PARTNERSHIP.

It is risky business to TRUST anyone let alone someone who has violated your TRUST. By declaring your TRUST he or she he now has to confront where he or she does not TRUST himself and build that up for himself or herself 

It is unquestionably painful and the easiest thing is to make him  or her and less than a real whole person and walk the hell away. (which is what most people do) That is one option. If that moves, touches and inspires you and then do that however it is past based as are all options.

To create a new context for your relationship starting with the love you already have - plus TRUST- then another future is possible to emerge that your other  options would never make possible

Robert Shereck (probably the smartest kindest person on earth- that I get to be nutured by)
Legacy Transformation

It is one thing to declare tour trust . But to do it in front of your children?
It is  is a whole other ballgame 
Many couples doesn't ever get that " opportunity "
They don't need it 
Or want it 
I guess we are lucky?Is this what luck feels like?

these three are our pride and joy

Happy birthday 

This is Us