Tuesday, January 03, 2017

My Word of 2017

Is ...


It was chrystal clear for me in the last few months that this is what it was to be . 

Extraordinary both personally and professionally . And the definition for my life is probably very  very different for what it might mean for your life . Which is fine because it is my word of 2017 .

Extraordinary to me at this phase of my life means especially professionally accessing my full passion and my full potential career wise .
I have not yet ever done this 
And it was a very concious decison 
I held back
I protected my life 
And i have not one ounce of regret 
And i did and am doing great things in my career and have always climbed the ladder and been successful
But nowhere nearly of what i am capable of 
I have always hid my talent in many ways
To be able to be the type of mother and wife and daughter and friend i want to be 
And it worked well . I have been able to have it all on alot of levels . 
Have led a very  healthy and balanced life 

I am naturally better at career than being a mom so i needed to work harder at being a mom .
I think i am where i need to be now as a mom  . Hallelujah! Only took 19 yrs of laser focus ! I think i am also where i want to be as a wife . Only took 20 years ! (Ok ok so maybe i am not as fast as some on that area )

Its time to come out of my career closet . What will it mean ? I have no idea yet but it will happen in 2017 . I will likely keep much of what i am already doing as i love most of it and it has been very profitable . But 25%  at least of what i do will change and be accessed in myself in a way it has never been before. 

It will be super extraordinary. I totally can't  wait to meet extraordinary . And its going to add a whole new layer of goodness to my life. My feeling is by 2018 i wont even be able to believe it 
When I want something i make it happen
I want this . I need this 

And family wise - it seems crazy to say this but overall i actually feel peaceful! And often in the moment ! And a good mom ! And a good wife ! Far far from perfect. I rage alot and nag alot and over dramatize alot. But i have come sooooooooooo incredibly far . With so much deliberate focus and attention to it . 
I feel like i can focus on other things now - finally . 
I did it all for so many years the career and mom thing . High up on the family ladder and  high up in corporate latter .Its not an easy task

Now i am on safe secure and equal ground . My feet are firmly planted . My garden is watered. 
I get to choose now . I have earned that right . I deserve it . Its mine 

I have become extraordinary in my family and my goal is to keep it going always . And again my extraordinary in many was might seem like your basic and in other ways be even be more than extraordinary to you . In some ways as a family person i am a complete failure and in other ways i am a huge success . It depends who is watching and judging it . It depends from what place they are watching from and where they are at themselves 

Some may look at my typos in this blog and grammatical errors and lack of punctuation and capital letters as failure 
I see it as extraordinary. As dont let good me the enemy of great . I am doing it yet have no time so this is my compromise for me . What may piss you off and make you judge me might be my form of being extraordinary. Ever consider that ?

From my place - i am becoming my own form of extraordinary and my goal is to do this more and more often . And to never take it for granted as has taken me years if hard work to achieve it . I wAnt to keep it going .

And career wise nobody knows what i am capable of . Even me 
I am meant to soar in career
Most people assume i already do 
But i am not fully there yet
Its time 
Its MY time for the first time ever

Being free makes it possible to be extraordinary 
I have never been free 
Until now 
I have fought for it and earned it 

I feel peaceful and courageous and ready to take on my life 
My successes and my failures
To forgive and forget 
To leave the child at the door and become the woman I have always been destined to be 

Could be a touch i have never given, or the letter i have never written , or the conversation i have never had.  Could be admitting the truth to myself or others, could be letting in or letting go . Could be facing up to the weak and selfish parts of myself or celebrating my integrity and authenticity. Could be having a radio and tv show and writing a best selling book. Could be cooking more and eating less . Could be caring more on some areas and caring less in others . Could be taking more risks with my heart but feeling less pain . Could be me contributing in a way i have not done before to the world. Could be me being famous and travelling all over the world . Could be me doing something nobody has ever done before . Could be a simple hug or heartbeat , things i let go or let in . Could be forgivenss for someone who doesnt deserve it all all or admitting i have been cruel . Could be leading someone or being led .

Its time to share my secrets 
Thats what i know for sure 
2017 is just the beginning for me 
I am ready to be what i have always deserved to be 

From where i have stood - where i am standing and where i will stand one day ......
For me i will live into extraordinary in a way that has never been accessible to me before this moment 
Its my time .

In January 2017 i am giving myself five complete creative days at the cottage just me myself and I to figure it all out . Five days of uninterrupted luscious hard soul searching days in the snow to figure out exactly what extraordinary means in my life 

How to become it 
How to live it 
And how to make it mine 

Its time to share my extraordinary with the world 
Its time to admit to myself ...
To access in myself ...
That i have extraordinary in me 

Me R