Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Perfectly Imperfect Day

A perfect imperfect day 

It's Bears 17 bday today !!!
( will be writing his bday blog later this week when I have access to pictures )

So was kinda gonna be a not so perfect bday as has been a not so great overall month around here.  Also his dad can't be here this weekend as at a very important three day  training course that he could not miss . And his Didi was supposed to come for weekend here at cottage but she is having surgery Wednesday and not feeling the best so we decided not best timing to come .
So me and by three chickadees ! At the cottage 

Last night picked up beauty from hip hop and came here late and we all completely crashed . Some of us in beds and some on couches .
Got up early this morning and took my bday boy to breakfast and then drove him to his job as a ski monitor 
Then spent afternoon with Chase who has not been to cottage in 4 weeks ao that was a total treat . We skated together and went out for a yummy lunch and talked about my family history in my dads side and our famous artist aunt  ( his great aunt )

Then got bear and came home to beauty . On the way back chase stopped at drive thru and pretended to get himself something but was for Bear bday . I have never seen Bear as happy as when his big brother  handed him that box of tidbits . Sometimes it's the little gestures in life that make so much difference isn't it ?

And then we get home and Beauty is baking up a storm . We assume for bear bday but no a  such luck -cake in a cup just for her !! ( but I know there is a surprise she has thought up for later for her brother as she told me  )

Anyways so far a really wonderful day 
I am so incredibly grateful for weekends . They are like batteries to me where I recharge . So happy I love winter too as makes it so fun in the snow and something to look forward to on weekends 

While kids studied I fell asleep on the couch and read my book for a couple of hrs . Then we eat our yummy meal and beauty baked Tristan a huge humungous cookie so we had no room left for the chocolate fondue and fruits we bought so we will eat at lunch tomrorow after bears ski job

🎺(Sunday's at the cottage are the best as bear takes the 4 by 4 so I sleep in and then he is home usually minutes before I get out of bed at noon and so We always make a nice yummy lunch for us all and eat it at the counter by candlelight )

So a great day .By tonight I really felt my hubby and my mom not here though . Felt very off and odd and some sadness Despite  that we had a great celebration . More on my 17 yr old boy this week !