Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Mommy is Safe

My Mama Bear is safely out of surgery a couple of hrs ago . I can breathe ....

Paratoid surgery to remove a growing Tumor . Something unexpected and completely unrelated to all of her other head , stomach and overall arthritis chronic pain conditions . I guess the universe felt she didn't have enough to handle ?

The important risk of this surgery was facial paralysis which can happen in up to 25 percent of patients either temporarily or even permanently . But this did not happen to her - thank goodness 

Surgery was delayed by almost 4 hrs . So lots of waiting and then me by myself did about 4 hrs waiting during surgery etc . I was calm - so was my mom too before surgery . A miracle for both of us 

When I heard " code blue " being called on a nearby operating room I lost it for a few mins but other than that was ok . And my mom was a trooper . I think lately we have had so much crisis to deal with - that it's all just building up a ton of resilience in us both . Like two cupcakes - calm and cool and collected Is it possible ?

Believe it or not, hubby and I switched at hospital three times today as I had to give two courses . One early morning and one at 8:30pm tonight . And then two early tomorrow morning . Surgery time was selected only two weeks ago and clearly not based on my work schedule !  Hubby and I and Beauty worked it out though and got it all covered . They are there now with my sweet mommy and just sent a pic that I won't dare post to the Internet as all face is bruised and huge scar and not looking yet like the mom we know . I love the pic personally, but she likely does not 

I am just so thankful that she can smile and use her mouth and her eyes!!! . I ran in intensive care for 5 mins by convincing a male nurse to let me in and he sneaked me in and told her he had a surprise for her . She was so happy to see me . And me see her ! Not much in this world makes me happier than seeing my mom ok 

No other news as about to give this training course now . The adrenaline pumping through my veins is pretty scary . I will get all the news in a couple of hrs when hubby and beauty get home . Right now they are talking to the nurses and stuff 

On days like this when we actually get good news ? Feels damn amazing to be honest . Lately I don't expect good news ... So when it happens I just feel like it's a sweet miracle 

Still a few weeks ahead of recovery as all of this is complicated by my mom's mild brain injury three years now - so right side of head is a bit of a mess  already ( a lot of a mess actually !) but we will take that . Just glad she is out of surgery . And glad that I can stay at her house for a bit and take care of my mama 

Although my work schedule around this has been a bit crazy - I am so thankful that I still have the type of work I have and can often be there and be flexible to take care of the ones I love through these turbulent times . And that my husband has that flexibility too . It's makes for a good team 

Yay mama bear !
And thanks to all the big group of people who were texting today for news . Makes all the difference in the world to us both to feel love and supported