Tuesday, April 18, 2017

From day 1 - horrible service for blogs !!

We made it !

We are in punta Cana club Med for a week with four teens ! ( our three and Bear's best friend Tim )

And we are finally here 

After two 15 hr work days and delivering virtual training to many japenese people last night until 11:30pm who don't understand English very well 

After a big scare with eldest sons perceived bad hair ( actually amazing ! )) and  his big mysterious rash on face 

After hubby having a bad Cold 

Our fridge breaking and having to lose food , empty it and buy an new one 

After eating crap last few days as we have no good food or too lazy to go and eat it in basement 

After my mom asking us if we needed anything at Walmart and chase replying condoms! To his grandma ??? Condoms ???  ( ps she said get yourself ) Not a little sweet boy anymore I guess ? Well at least he talks to me and his grandma ) about sex ? Is that good or terrible ??

After the finale - waking up this morning and going outside to greet Tims parents and a bird crapping on us two moms moments before leaving for the airport 

But you know what ? All the above is just a normal day for all of us and normal all around . We just notice this all more when we are preparing to go away somewhere . Then realize how mud chaos there is . And chaos about unimportant stuff   . Stuff that doesn't even really matter 

I am just so happy to have a week off and to rest my Brain . All I want to do it read and sleep and suntan . I spontaneously last  night even though had four new books decided to do my fave thing and go to chapters and get 7 more that I liked even more . Books are my life - and especially on vacation . Novels , business books , parenting teen books , scary thriller novel , romantic affair book , light beachy book 

I intend to on this vacation :
Relax relax relax
Not sweat the small stuff 
Not boss anyone around ( much )
Not plan too much with kids ( only with hubby )
Not think to much ( ya right )
Enjoy the sun ( pls pls be lots and lots of sun . I need sun )
Enjoy the kids ?  If I try super hard I will think they are sweet and Angels 
Enjoy my husband :)
Just be off technology ( Yahoo ! This is hard but is so necessary for me to take a real mental break from my life - for me it's the only way to be present this week )

And the best part ? Tim's mom told me that a bird crapping on your head ? It's super good luck ! 

Here's to a wonderful bonding vacation !