Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Proud parents

(Beware: some serious bragging rights below - I am thinking that getting acceptances to colleges and cegeps warrants the bragging but stop reading now if you don't agree! )

These are the parents ( us ! ) that are feeling very very proud 

This is the boy that got into John Molson School of Business . Double major in marketing and finance in co-op .

We are really really proud . Why is that so ?

Well for this guy ... It has been such a long journey . He was not a natural student at all . Did well enough in the public French system in primary school . Got to the private French system in highschool after loads and loads of exam preparation for over a year . Was a good student there in sec 1-3 but below average as everyone there is an exceptional student . By sec 3 end of session he was failing math .
And then ........ He just made a decision. To be a great student. Somehow . And he did it !!!! Sec 4 and 5 rocked ! 
Then went to John Abbott cegep (in English nevertheless which had barely learned how to write before) in commerce and became an incredible student. Honour roll and outstanding achievement in linear and economics!!! And sits on student council and was nominated to make decisions with all the deans on behalf of student body on the academic counsel. Volunteers time for all of this and lots of tutoring he gives in subjects to other students. Has well over 100 hours of volunteer work in cegep alone.

A passionate student and one who truly enjoys school and applies himself. Gets involved in lots and new thing is assimilation stock exchange completions at the University. Studies a lot!!! Works very hard for his good grades. Business world watch out for Chase !

This is the boy that got into John Abbott Cegep in Health Sciences 

Words cannot describe the admiration we have for his academic success. He has always been devoted and diligent and proud of his grades. He is consistently committed and does always his due Diligence. I am not sure even one time throughout his whole education he has asked us one question or for any help even when he was teeny weeny kid (except in art!)  He is autonomous and Independent and thorough and way smarter in math and sciences than either of his parents.
Has a scientific brain. Really scientific. And a math brain . He is a natural leader and the teachers love him . An athlete too and has the highest of grades and awards in his sports program.

This year he gave it his all to ensure he got into health sciences in cegep and it paid off. He worked so hard. 
He since young had wanted to be an orthodontist - and study in sciences. Now having doubts and may want commerce. He will begin in health sciences and see what he likes most. Whatever he wants to do he will be good at and we will be profoundly proud and happy for him. He mentioned lawyer or math teacher as other possibilities. All sound wonderful as far as we are concerned!
Desperately proud of this boy and his academic success. He has made parenting seem easy (sometimes)

(And next will be in two years for Beauty!!! When she hopefully gets accepted to her cegep and program of choice . )

These are big milestones for us as parents as when we decided to send all three kids in the private French system and supported all the work that was needed to pass the exams to get in and the auditions for their sports and dance programs - we knew what we were getting into. One hell of a ride for 5 years 

We and that have given up a lot for this education. Relaxing in weekday evenings, hardly any to shows and barely time for family Nights most weekdays. A couple of family dinners here and there. Studying much of the weekends which are hard on them and hard on us too. Good for cottage life as they can concentrate there and hibernate.
This is why relaxation time and vacation is very precious to all of us as in this type of high school schooling it doesn't come around very often at all. You are taught from sec 1 that your most important job is academics 

And it for the climate and values the school provided. The strict atmosphere that made them strive for more and never ever ever get away with being lazy. The opportunities they were exposed too and the types of students they got to socialize with. They were supervised and nurtured and taken care of. It may have been the best decision we ever made to have them at that school. Most of their friends have been better students than they are in many ways and this gives those great roles model and methods and values to aspire too. 

They won't be any more successful than anyone else in life .All paths end up
Leading to the same road in education and careerin my view. But they had a great adolescence and that's has made for a great family life . Every day they looked forward to school and every day felt good in their skin. This is what I wanted 

And it gave them confidence in themselves. Which is all I ever wanted as their mom 
Who knows where life will take them? It doesn't even matter.
The experience in and of itself was fulfilling and now onto the cegeps and universities 

And now they are here . And we are so proud of this wonderful accomplishment in higher education from our two very different yet two very driven boys!