Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Their Boy and Girl Brains

As anyone who reads my blog knows some of my absolute fave moments with our kids have been when we are hanging out with them  and their friends . 
Always has been that way . Still is 
I think one of the main reasons why is that that both boys are so welcoming with us ( most the time ) when thier friends are with us . Hugging us , affectionate , sweet , inclusive . We are lucky for this .. very lucky . They have always been their best version of themselves when friends and us around . Often one of them  will sling their arm around my shoulder while walking or hold my hand for very extended periods of time . Very affectionate with their dad too and even with friends there always hug us goodbye and loudly say i love you. We cherish this .

Beauty ? Well more of the typical teen who kinda pretends we are annoying. At least all her friends are amazing around us - so we just ignore the fact she wAnts us to leave ( or pretends she does anyways as i think it makes her proud that her friends like us alot ) on this trip however she is really the best verision of herself . So nice to be with her and see her getting along so well with her brothers and Tim . She unbelievably seems to like sharing a room with these three very loud guys ! I love how nice and inclusive Tim is with her and all the friends they meet are kind to her. 
This trip is cool . Tim with us which is very fun . And a new guy they met Tomas who joins us for some meals and swimming etc. I adore them both just as i do thier friends back home . All so nice and interesting and friendly .
Tomas says to me today " you have great boys " then says " and they are so close and connected to you - i admire that "
It made my heart sore 

 Beauty made a friend today too !! And spent the whole day with her. The boys set them up :) was nice to have her to ourselves for part and now see her with a friend. The girl is two years younger but quite mature and asked beauty to come dancing at the bar tonight with her .

Its a  very cool vacation and really exactly what i was hoping for .Different and fun dynamic and an extraordinary privilege to hear all their conversations so often . To see the makings of their brains . None of them will ever cease to amaze me . As much as they annoy me so very often - being their mom is the best thing i have ever done by far 

On this vacation it is a reminder to me of the lives the kids live apart from us . That social side that gives us some interesting cues as to what their days and time is spent like when not with family . I consider this information and knowledge highly valuable for us as parents . Its like seeing animals in thier natural habitats vs  in a zoo :) its quite an experience and fun to watch! And to be honest anxiety provoking ! 

This trip proved to me what i have ways known . Despite our kids   Being very very social they are very family oriented above all . They are a package deal and come with the  family alot of the time. And their old and new friends know it . And accept it and i think even like it . The boys will always choose their sisters safety before a kiss with a hot girl. They come home late but always on time . They include us in their crazy lives . It was one of my most important goals of raising three kids and i am getting to see on this trip especially action the 💗fruits of our labor 

Vacations allow me the space to reflect on that and remember it .It feels damn good to have this time together