Friday, April 21, 2017

What I want to remember most!

It's amazing when you return from vacation how it all ends so abruptly eh? 

I always try to post my fave moments and drop my pictures in my blog the morning I return or else they are forever gone into the abyss of my mind. So between a massive work day here they are (pics will come in separate post hopefully later today)
Unpacking will happen after 8pm tonight !

Moments to remember:

1- two hours after arriving at Punta Cana kids coming back to room speaker with loud music in hand - bathing suits on and having already met people around hotel !

2- Tim's  daily colourless plates with white rice and plain pasta and me telling him to go get veggies!

3-Bear's very loooong introduction to telling stories or jokes that by time he got around to them he forgot what he was saying!

4- Chase and constantly asking us to rank in order that is most tan!

5- The search for friends for Beauty with success last few days! 

6- The famous adult bracelets and the Lebanese screaming on the beach!

7- Tim coming into my room at 2:30am and telling me from my text at 10am that no he never saw Emma! (Was a bit late for that response as she had been in bed for hours)

8- Tim being the only kid I could I message as only phone that worked on this vacation as 2/3 broke!

9- The constant obsessive talk about girl’s girls and girls. On last night the boys and their friends actually made a pact with eachother to discuss other subjects in front of us at dinner to give us a break!

10- New friend Tomas deciding we should adopt him. Had pretty much every meal with us and boys even came in room at usual 2:30am and asked if he could sleep over one night by pushing Tim and Bears twin beds together !

11- Beauty being nice to us all week! 

12- All the boys friends in resort pretending Beauty was their sister to protect her from other boys and men!

13 - You will notice not many memorable moments about Hubby or me. That because this trip really wasn't about this or us-was all for them this time

14 - Me smelling boys nightly at 2:30am . As if smell can tell me how much they drank! And making sure they could speak to me for 2 mins as an indicator of possible over Intoxication. At first Tim would always come with my boys but at end he would just come Alone in room was so adorable and I always had to remind myself to wear pyjamas! Lol 

15- Turned a corner with Beauty on this trip. Has been a hard few years with her but both hubby and I felt so close to her. And such open communication compared to last few years. Talk about so much and really feel that mother daughter bond getting stronger and stronger as each day passes

16- Hubby been sick and not tasting anything. No taste... No kisses... No cuddling. Very romantic eh?

17- Chase and Adhd issue of not being able to eat at buffer without his mommy taking him to each station and point out what he would like!

18- Just overall great memories. This was not our ideal trip (Turks and Caicos is!) but was by far the kids ideal trip. I loved seeing them dance and socialize and even drink responsibly a bit and even trust us enough to  talk about their sexuality etc. . . . Was an eye opener for me and was happy to be included and part of it. 

This morning I miss them all. Tim isn't here! Even miss Tomas! Lebanese screaming Michael and even Stevie! And Lucy! And Laticia!

Miss vacation. This one and everyone. Is always the most worthwhile of time and money spent . Always