Friday, July 07, 2017

Life Lately

Note : I posted a few blogs same day so scroll down to read if you want more!

I am finding my blog very hard to keep up with lately . For a few reasons as work and life are getting more and more busy but also I will soon be launching a new book in 2018 and a lot of my focus is and will be doing on that . This is on top of course full time current career .

That being said lately I am devoting any blog entry to capture family memories as that is all I seem to have time for . I really want to do this mainly to preserve our family memories and it is a great way to be disciplined with pictures too . Each time I consider giving up the blog I feel sad .
So I am not giving it up ! More and more often will be a few  monthly posts often in rapid sequence and all with pictures capturing at least some snapshots of life around here .

June and beginning July was filled to the brim with fun stuff . Stuff that makes us so happy and fulfilled. With work can be hard to juggle to do weekend and evening stuff but all is worth it .

We had Father's Day and had all 5 at cottage for 6 hrs ! And dinner out at a great Greek resto . These days with the kids jobs 8 hrs all of us is precious and sacred !

These two left for their summer jobs working as lifeguard and bike instructor at 8 weeks sleep away camps 

This girl got into advanced math !!!! Was so wonderful as has struggled in math a lot this year and then final exams got both exams in the 90's ! We got a personal email from the director telling us they were putting her in the scientific advanced math for next two years ! She leaves for 2 weeks of camp on Sunday and has been working hard and daily babysitting 

We had a great visit from Savvy and Zandra from Toronto for a cottage weekend . Had a cool  mini version of PG 2017 in the jacuzzi with some interesting topics! Fun ! And visit was short and sweet but amazing as always . Savvy and I had so much to talk about live but also so connected daily or weekly by text that it's icing on the delicious cake when we get to see eachother ! Love that girl :)

Had a couple  of visits from soulkeeper and family  to use  new seedoo at cottage . Was so fun !

Celebrated early my moms 67th bday with a few of her friends . Was such a lovely and warm summer evening and wonderful to spend time with these great ladies 

Few other things to remember :

A great Visit with Savvy mom who has not been well lately and who lives close to me . Felt good to take time out of schedule and just be able to find time to do something that matters . Was such a nice visit and conversation and lifted my heart !

Had to go get Bear from his lifeguard job as being tested for mono :( I pray not that !

I stayed at cottage for 4 days alone between two long weekends and wrote the  skeleton draft of my book ! ( very very draft ! )

Hubby fire to himself in an extremely stupid and dangerous accident!
This burn got like a million trillion times worse . On both legs. this was only day 1. We cant decide if we should call him Ash or Puff

Happy summer  everyone !