Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Special Weekend

written 2 weeks ago...sorry no time to edit!

Up until about 2 yrs ago we used to so cherish the two weeks of summer all three kids were away at camp . Every year for maybe 10 yrs we had a week where we worked like crazy in day but morning and evenings to ourselves . Then always 6 days of vacation at the cottage alone together before 2 weeks of vacation as a family 

Times have changed ! Now we have 1 week with 2 kids , 2 weeks with one kid and 36 hrs max with the third as family vacation .

And these five days alone that we have on vacation starting last night with a romantic 21 marriage anniversary dinner ? We spent in the best way possible - with our son Chase who came down from Bromont . Was so incredibly nice and fun and not rushed .

Then Hubby and I left for cottage and arrived at 1am . We got a surprise text in morning and Chase said was coming for day to use seedoo and hang out ! Yahoo ! Boated and seedoed all day on the lake and swam in the hot and gorgeous weather . Took a long nap all three in the sun on the boat and woke up and snuggled .
Made the little prince his two fave meals since he has been deprived for 4 weeks now where he works .

After he was planning to leave but decided to stay and sleep here and leave at 8:00am the next morning and drive 4 hrs to his job .
We ate and did our tradition of leaving the dishes out and a mess until later on saturdays and moved to his fave couch. As usual we chatted and laughed and massaged him ( me his feet and hubby hands and back)

Was truly the best day and there is nobody in the world we prefer to hang out with than any of our three kids 
Quality over quantity is working for us around here quite well 
Will be interesting to all be back under the same roof come later august after both boys have had completely independent summers away working.

Beauty away for 2 weeks now but has also been incredibly wonderful to be alone with her so often just the three of us . She is maturing so much and with that getting so so so much closer and connected. It is the thing i feel most grateful for many days of the week 

This weekend felt like on of the first times where one of our kids came to the cottage out of pure joy vs being expected to. He got here and ran to the water . He slept in the sun . The next morning got up 15 mins early to go out on seedoo for a last ride .
The tickles on the couch, the special meals and spending no tech moments together , falling asleep on the couch .
Chase has the cottage bug like his mom and dad have always have .

Its what we had always hoped ... and he caught it !

Was a fabulous spontaneous and unexpected weekend of letting go and letting in .
Of sharing a weekend and time with an adult child ( did i say that ??? )

Other moments to remember :

Getting Beauty at camp 
Seeing Bear as a lifeguard at camp 
Kayak and biking with my new electric bike ! 
Lazy days 
Dancing latin with kids 
Kids finally finally doing what i  have always wanted  them to do ( cook , waterski , want to be in boat, clean up instinctively after themselves )