Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Our Life this Fall

Where our summer was spent a lot of time alone as a couple or often with our daughter and without our two sons - out fall season had been full to the brim with family togetherness . We have loved and cherished every moment 

This is end of Sept!!! me!!

It's as if we all missed each other and are making up for lost time and the kids all seem to have matured so much over the summer that we don't have to force them for family time anymore ( we gently firmly encourage slot maybe ) and it seems like they need to cottage in some ways as much as we do 

Chase in university is a different guy now almost 20 and is shocking us in so many ways . We love that he is living st home but really living his life without us in so many ways . Already nominated as only first year on student government etc he is thrilled and again just like in cégep devotes huge amounts of time to volenteering within the school . Found a new  big gang within 2 days 

Bear at cégep now in health sciences and it's a bit of a shock to his system how hard it is being among so many people so competitive and good in sciences ( he is used to ranking as one of the very top students ) he is finding his way and totally committed and adjusting to English etc . Making also lots of new friends and contacts and impressing us with his disciplined schedule and commitment to working out and study etc . He is such a good blend of a studious student and total fun party guy during his break moments on part of weekend 

And Beauty ... oh my darling Beauty . She is blossoming so so so much . And maturing . And so much close to me -her mama . Hip hop competitions all the way and now lyrical solo competition too . Devoted and committed to her passion and changing every moment 

We went white water rafting one weekend and was so hot for September and awesome ! The next day we spent in the water and on not at cottage between studies . Days like that the five of us is truly what i love for : an adrenaline rush in nature with the ones I love . It was amazing 

funnest day of 2017 for our family white water rafting

 Lots of driving and driving as Beauty dances a lot out of school now so constant driving but I look forward to this time with my girl 

Lots of work on my end . Lots ! And lots of planning for the next 3-7 years for hubby and I where we want to start doing some pretty cool  short term international living and trying to figure out what that could look like and if our kids could swing it for a few months with us ( unlikely but a good dream to aspire to )

The kids all in new schools and programs has been pretty cool . I have been coaching them a lot ( over yummy resto lunches ) upon their requests to give them lots of advice and coaching on school and career decisions 

A few very fun spontaneous family dinners out on terraces which is unusual for us on a weekday but hard to resist when weather was so nice for fall 

Lots of lazier cottage weekends in between major studies where we hang out with usually 2/3 of kids and cook and movies and chats and cleaning together 
And in the week we are all super busy working and studying  and barely cross paths except for family dinner a couple of times a week and a ted talk snuggled in bed if we are lucky . Like a commune it feels like in the week and more of a family on weekends 

Beautiful Lake

Soulkeeper went through a double mascetomy last week if you can believe it and a restructuration :((((( this has been a big part of my summer and clearly hers !! I helped out a lot last week with the kids and Beauty and I took them out for dinner one night . SK Is doing great though if you can imagine - she is honestly the strongest person physically and mentally that I have ever met in my life . So glad that I get her inspiration pretty much daily .

Beauty went to an amazing leadership camp at Csa and was so good for her ( is innprepartion for a possible humanitarian trip )

We hosted thanksgiving here at Trent and had such a nice time . The weather and company was great . Still can't believers hosted this before I leave for cortez kayak wilderness trip in 3 days !!!  ( much more on this next week )

Add caption

Uncle and Aunt:)

I love this pic and the feeling 

My amazing husband who cooked and hosted all weekend!!

Auntie Cheryl

Wish boat ride was even longer !! was so nice in mid october!!

I had my birthday that same weekend as was blown away by the words cards and gifts kids got me . Made my year . When beauty came in at 1:30am to come to bed in our room as everyone was sleeping all over the place and so lovingly and excited woke me up to a big embrace and said " mom ! It's your birthday ! I love you soooo much ! " was the best present ever to have her affection like that after so many years of feeling so alone . Felt amazing and I adore the relationship my daughter and I share that has taken ALOT of work on both sides over the last 4 years . Every single ounce of energy has been worth it 

Thai bday dinner , so yummy

And overall just a bunch of cute things I want to remember about my kids :

Chase and " can I go to sleep in the backseat of car " even at almost 20 one of the most respectful people I know and always kinda asks permission in a very adult way . Beauty is like that too . Bear not so much !

Bear and his gym interview at cottage and the amazing warm way he greets his extended family 

Beauty and everything lately :) simsim came for thanksgiving weekend and was special for them as first time sleot over here . Was a great weekend . They are an amazing(  very young!  )  couple together and very much best friends too 

She is growing up ! The other day the 25 yr old guy in next car was checking her out and winking  at her ! What happensed to my baby girl ???

Marking chase as my emergency contact . Really ? Is he that old now ?

Managing poor bears once perfect skin !

Fall colours at cottage . So so so pretty and watching the boys and beauty and simsim launch his drone in nature 


 Waterproof Packing packing packing packing and organizing for the adventure of a lifetime . Probably one of the hardest things ( of the pot of enjoyable easy wonderful )  I will ever take on . Much much more to come on this 

Series of crazy pics of me on my bday . Not the best pics of me that is certain but where I was at that day of my day  3 days prior to the trip of  LIFETIME

Happy bday to me