Saturday, December 30, 2017

# Jesus !

pics to be added after holidays Jan 8

Merry Xmas everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration with their loved ones!

We included Xmas mass into our holidays this year and the priest was a cool guy who talked about Jesus tweeting and having a Facebook account and Snapchat. Was so much more interesting than the other catholic services we have attended in the past

We often go Xmas even for the community feeling and Xmas spirit and to hear the beautiful singing. We are far from religious but very traditional and spiritual in many ways (more on the side of magical thinking and positive thought) and we like to attend church on Christmas with the kids. It’s an important tradition for their dad and i love it when we go together as a family.

This year the boys surprised us by opening up their wallet and placing 20 dollars for charity ( ok ok one brother opened the other ones wallet and stole it and placed it in there but still ! )

It was a lovely part of our 24 celebration. We had a crazy lead up to Xmas as most work I have ever taken on in my career so far all happened between sept and December with a crazy wilderness trip added in of 70 km in kayak with nothing but what I could carry on a kayak and a sleeping bag (no tent! ) that kind of through me off for a few months preparing and recovering too

Two days before Xmas my mom also broke 3 toes too . No big deal for most people but for her being single and alone and already having many other health issues including four years of post-concussion where can’t read or look at screens or focus for more than 5-6 mins without major headaches - lack of mobility on the holidays especially is a recipe for disaster when can’t read watch to drive walk and you have only one child who is away on holidays.
Let’s just say it hasn’t started so well this mental time off for me.

We also had huge discussions with chase about some harder issues and had a big fight but he is the type (and so are we! ) that bounced back pretty quickly from this stuff and had an awesome time st Xmas anyways

We had an amazing Christmas concert at place des arts with full orchestra and 100 choriste including my hubby the tenor on Saturday and chase and beauty came to see it and bear had to work . Was so beautiful and fancy and is always so fun to see out superstar on stage

Christmas Eve was still super nice and we enjoyed it with appetizers and Mr Bean and Xmas music us and the boys and my mom as Beauty was at her BF house. Then we picked her up for the mass with beautiful choir and funny priest and then went back home for Xmas pyjamas and secret Santa guessing of good deeds and gift exchange and my mom slept over too and we helped her up the stairs

Xmas morning was wonderful with lots of gifts and a nice brunch with my mom too. What was special about this year is how much effort the kids put into gifts for us and their didi this year. Can tell they are really growing up as their gifts so thoughtful and well-chosen and unique and special. It’s such an odd and beautiful feeling to each kids grow older and more mature

We left at 1:30pm for 3 hr drive past Ottawa to my uncles beautiful new home to spend Xmas dinner with them all. Sadly my mom was not well enough to come to this part so we missed her

We had a fabulous time and was so fun to see Mady and Erik and thé cousins were all so thrilled to be together . Such a cozy and warm Xmas with a delicious traditional Xmas meal and decorations and great company. With fun games and a crazy awesome Christmas exchange that got pretty wild ! Felt so good to spend Xmas with them !! Was so fun and something we have wanted to do for so many years but with all our schedules and commitments over holidays hard to make work . Was an amazing gift this year !

Then we went to stay overnight at a beautiful hotel that looked like a haunted house the Perth Manor.
It was really only to sleep as Brice and Terri they had a lot of guests and not a lot of sleeping space. We had two rooms but the boys decided to pretty much spend all their time in our room anyways piled all on our bed as they often do. Annoying us, wrestling and too loud but always warms my heart when they want to be closer than further from us still

We slept in and had a yummy brunch there that was included and then relaxed a big on the same beds reading piled on top of one another and headed back to Bruce and Terri place. On the way got a text that one of guests was sick with chills and fever and lying on couch so decided to not go as all have big plans for holiday and didn’t want to take the chance. That was so considerate of them to warn us.

We had a fun lunch at Swiss chalet as doesn’t have that in Quebec and shared a bunch of appetizers and marvelled at how many calories foods have (we also don’t have that on menus in Quebec)

We drove home and laughed and laughed on car insulting and imitating each other :)

My fave gift this year and every year is always the gift of time. Time to relax and enjoy each other and there were slot of obstacles this year bc of care my mom needs but we managed to have some great times on between as a family . I don’t look forward to the years we have to share them with in laws - I will be stingy I bet but also totally flexible with dates so hopefully that will help
And secretly hoping they prefer us and want to spend more time with us . Two of the kids commented that because of our relaxed ways about certain things they can picture wanting to spend more time with us when they have kids as very little fazes us . Hope stays that way !! Our mantra has always been to make our home welcoming and inviting so that people want to hang out there . So far it has worked !

We got home and all cleaned up and chase just started cleaning along with me without being asked ! Yay for maturity ! And then boys went to check out store on Boxing Day and we had a nap and prepared for 1.5 weeks at cottage. We stopped at my mom’s to check out and replant her toes and headed on our way . I spent time hiring help for her for when we are on holidays and when boys are working so she will have access to a great girl who can help with computer and email and light housekeeping when my mom needs .

Beauty had a big craving for garlic bread in the grill so tried an old five of hubby and mine Pacini and shared a great meal with our girl . We love our little trio with her and dreamed about spending 3 months in Spain after high school and before starting cégep with her and what that would be like . A dream that who knows could actually become a reality as we embark on a new phase of our lives in the coming years

At Trent now with our feet up on the couch where we belong with plenty of snow as our view. Beauty started today working full time at the mountain and has the pre competition group all holidays and winter to coach so and so up early every morning but still some rest and relaxation ahead .

I also as a gift that our elf snowbalz ( aka balz ) brought for each member of the family (except me as I got this type of thing for 22 yrs of my career already ) all kids and hubby are doing extensive psychological personality tests and career interest tests with 2-5 hrs consulting with an amazing guy I found who had a masters in career planning
I always set a financial goal for myself for the year and if I meet it I buy the family a gift. Last year it was the purchase of the seedoo we have wanted for a decade now and this year it was investing in all of their futures ( and for hubby focus on possibly slowing down in coming years and what could that look like for him )

It felt good to meet these quotas and to be able to invest in things that are important for me for the people I love

Boys come up for 2 days for chase 20tj bday on the weekend and excited to be all 5 again but will cherish this time in our little trio too ( we call it that as now so often alone with beauty at Trent )

We are so looking forward to some serious downtown full of no accidents or stress, fights or broken anything. Just some naps, some snacks, lots of reading skating, skiing and walking in winter wonderland will make us very happy

Big party we go to on dec 31 and one we hold here at Trent on Jan 1-2 to look forward too as well

Life is so sweet. So many ups and downs all the time it seems but just so very very blessed to have the immediate and extended family I do and am surrounded by such great friends and colleagues that are such a massive and important part of my life and happiness

And for that ? I am very grateful

Happy holidays to all !!