Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Sweet Sixteen for Meh Meh !

Our Girl turned the big 16 today !!!!!!!
I honestly can't believe that my little Bebe is an sixteener now !!!

We had celebrated big time in September at Trent with a huge party at the cottage with 20 of her friends for the weekend so this celebration last night was a little more low key :) 

We had Her BF Simon over after school and for the first time ever they were allowed to hang out in the basement  alonetogether ( I was home working ) . This in and of itself is a big change as before 16 it is family spaces only . We have been very very strict on our rules 
Then appetizer of homemade   salsa and frozen virgin piƱa colada for all and Didi joined us and brought her a nice birthday bag with her fave : money for jeans and candy !
Dinner was Shepard pie and Cesar salad and then chocolate pizza for a late dessert . 
Beauty was so cute at dinner and sweet and I loved seeing her sweet little conversations and personality blossom .

Then the big finale Simon got to sleep over !! She tucked him in the basement and was allowed at 6am to go wake him . Then go cuddle in her bed with him until 6:30am when we came in with the birthday basket of little stuff for her . It was a shock to see two people in her bed but very adorable and also set a milestone of turning 16 in our house ( official dating age !! Even though they have dated a full year !! ) hahah . Basket c I guess !

A few things this year to remark :

Beauty has really matured like a lot 

Her grade point average went up by 10 percent this semester and she is has honors on many subjects !

She feel in love with chimpanzees and ourangatangs this year 

She has a little sister in Tanzania now that we are sponsoring for 3 yrs for vaccines and education . Nemai is very important to her and we spent a lot of time together she and I researching this and bonding over serving those in need 

She has been dating Simon for a year now and they are really a great and loving couple 

She is much much much closer to me than a year ago and shows it a lot more consistently ( was a hard 3 yrs !! ) it feels so good when she shows me how much she cares 

Her dad is still her hero and her number 1 ever !!

She is in competitive hip hop  different studio and new level with stronger team  . Also solo competitor for lyrical contemporary !!!!

She is loving her new program at CSA 

She is all around a super girl with a big heart and tons of light inside of her and beauty 

We love you so much Reneesmee , meh meh , emmabella , Beachy girl!!!!!!!!!

Happy sweet 16 !!!!!!

breakfast this morning!
snacks packed for two:)