Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chase Turns 20 !! (Dec 31)

Let’s forget about the birthday boy for a moment and think about ME . I am a mom to a 20 yr old human being ???!!

How did that happen ??? I am only 46 ! Just a Bebe myself ??

Ok back to him !

He is 20 and in many ways that is so so so obvious as such a grown up , eloquent young man in business school and ready to take on the world
And in other ways he is just like my two year old boy and still can wake up on the morning and run around the house and scream «  hello world !! «  and Jump on top of us in our bed !

A few things to know about him as he is turning 20 ( chase if ever I am not around one day a much more detailed private one yearly for all kids in the year by year school photo album on the back of each picture )

  • At JMSB and doing super well . Loves it and very involved in School and committiees

  • lives at home but wishes he didn’t ! Although we all have such a great time 90 percent of the time
  • the other 10 percent is pretty intense ! This is one intense young adult with some very strong opinions and ways
  • very single and very much loving that ! He seems to enjoy the single life

  • Super close to his bro and now they share their clothes and their friends . Still trying to be super close to his sister

  • Handsome as ever and almost daily people tell me he looks like one movie star or another . Often Justin Trudeau too !

  • super into clothes . Causes many fights in our home as he wears and steals his brothers clothes and my clothes and dads clothes and even his sisters clothes

  • his double standards are lessening thank god

  • He is getting to be a reader !

  • he has such massive discipline about not eating crap . Even though loves chocolate usually says no and gives the rest of us hell to pay when we eat it

  • has started some investing and really good and savvy at this

  • very business savvy and very career and entrepreneur oriented

  • such a sweetie . Honestly one of the most loving guys have ever met . Full of compliments and love and affection and always has been . Also apologized and admits when wrong with huge hugs . He is an amazing son and grandson and friend and brother . I love love how he interacts with People in general

  • very authentic and real . Huge emotional intelligence and is and overall amazing person

  • he can drive us all seriously crazy . Like seriously . But honestly if he moves out soon I will miss him so damn much . He is so precious and I will take his messiness and intensity any day for the joy he brings our home

Happy 20 bday chase !!

We are all at Trent and he and his dad getting up earlier tomorrow to watch some french comedy show they love and then the traditional 4 by 4 ride with dad to lunch out ( even though he has been driving the 4 by 4 alone for many years now it’s still a tradition and now he takes his dad on back ! )

Lunch out the 5 Of us before we all drive back home for our Varying New Years celebrations !

We only give chase a little small bday basket and we now as of last year do «  mayday «  and in may go shopping for a bunch of clothes for him and hold his bday dinner with gifts in may . We all live this and best decision ever made !